Why Do Some People Look Younger For Their Age?

Everyone has that one friend that looks younger than their actual age. People will ask them what beauty and skincare products they use, believing that it’s all about what they put on their skin.

However, there’s more to youthful appearance than beauty and anti-aging creams and products. Research and studies have shown time and time again that every person ages differently due to a variety of factors. However, what does this mean, and how does aging differently affect people’s health and well-being?

Some People Tend to Age Faster

As inevitable as it is, aging is not the same for everyone. Surely, nobody wants to age faster than their age or their peers. Unfortunately, it’s how it is for some people. Those who look older than their actual age could be aging faster biologically.

There have been studies conducted by studying older groups of people to determine how aging and factors that affect how people age. Because of this, the onset of age-related physiological changes and diseases were already established and expected. Previous studies in aging did not say much about how younger groups of people were aging.

Recently, new studies have been performed to assess biological aging among younger people who have not yet developed age-related health issues. These studies allowed professionals to determine what factors affect an individual’s aging process. Based on their findings, researchers deduced that some individuals age more rapidly even before midlife. They were also less physically and mentally able. These individuals have generally worse health and looked older than other people their age.

Signs You May Be Aging Faster Than Your Age

It’s easy to notice whether other people look young or old for their age. However, how about yourself? The human body is designed to give clues about potential health risks. These biological markers alert people before their health conditions get worse. In many cases, paying attention to the signs allow one to reverse problems and damage.

Looking older than one’s actual age is one of the indicators that their health is deteriorating. Premature wrinkles, thinning of hair, and skin tone changes, among others, all indicate that a person’s biological age is higher than their actual age. When a person is biologically older, it means that their body is not functioning entirely well.

Sagging and Wrinkling Skin

Among the most noticeable physical markers of aging are wrinkles and sagging skin. These are also among the first ones to appear. Wrinkles can appear in adults as early as in their 20s. Although makeup can minimize and conceal the appearance of wrinkles, it’s essential to find out what could be causing premature wrinkling and skin sagging.

A common reason why one’s skin would age prematurely is prolonged smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Poor nutrition and sun exposure also affect the condition of the skin. Wrinkling and sagging are caused by the loss of collagen and fat tissues.

The best way to improve the skin’s condition is to eat nutritious food and drink lots of water. It’s also necessary to avoid smoking and drinking if possible. You should avoid over-exposure to the sun and pollution as well. Skincare and anti-aging creams that are designed to renew the skin cells will also help.

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