Your Secret Weapon for Holiday Skin Beauty - Bluelene

For many of us the Holidays are filled with lots of activity and little sleep. Just when we want to glow and sparkle, our skin often looks tired. What is happening?

Our bodies naturally produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) as a byproduct of cell function. However, High levels of ROS are a result of internal and external stress and they actually damage our cells. Our skin is full of cells responsible for making the protein fibers collagen and elastin, which provide the structure for well-hydrated, supple looking skin. When our skin cells get damaged, their ability to provide the support structure breaks down and we see the signs of aging.

The Holidays are a time when ROS spike on your skin, due to stress, drinking, smoking, partying, and a lack of sleep. That is when you need the help of anti-oxidants to fight against ROS. In our scientific study we found that methylene blue outperformed other popular antioxidants in combating ROS and restoring skin beauty.

Bluelene is the only skin cream with this super anti-oxidant and can be your secret weapon for gorgeous skin during this holiday season. Our scientific research (refer to as the science explained page), provides answers to your common skin problems:

Common skin problem 1: Sagging skin

  • Cause: Decrease in the production of skin protein fibers collagen and elastin.
  • Solution: Bluelene stimulates both collagen and elastin production, as well as decreases the enzyme (protease) that destroys them.

Common skin problem 2: Thin, dry, dehydrated skin

  • Cause: Decrease in skin lipids. These essential fatty acids give the look of youthful skin!
  • Solution: Bluelene stimulates the production of fatty acids by increasing the central regulator of lipid biogenesis PGC-1alpha.

Common skin problem 3: Rough, irritated skin

  • Cause: Skin cell turnover rate slows down as we age
  • Solution: Bluelene not only stimulates healthy cell growth (proliferation), but also promotes wound healing.

Common skin problem 4: Wrinkles

  • Cause: Protein fibers get weaker as we age!
  • Solution: Bluelene is the first and only skincare line that contains the right amount of methylene blue, which is a super antioxidant. Bluelene will instruct your skin cells to increase collagen and elastin production. It will also provide protection of these fibers by reducing the damaging enzyme (proteinase MMP9).