3 Signs That Your Body is Aging Too Fast

Aging is normal, but why let your body show the signs when you can reverse it?

There are times when your body ages much faster than it should. Before the wrinkles deepen, you should be able to notice the signs of early aging. Then, there are some ways that you can protect your body from the damage and retain a youthful look.

Here are a few signs that your body may exhibit to tell you that you’re aging too fast:

Red eyes

Other than as a result of allergies or continuously staring at the computer screen, red eyes are a sign of chronic inflammation. This can be a result of diseases like osteoarthritis. To prevent red eyes, change your diet to an alkaline-based one. This will help lower the possibility of inflammation, joint pain, body stiffness, and aging.

Quite a number of detox plans state that your diet should be made up of 80 percent of fruits and vegetables and 20 percent of protein, carbohydrates, starches, and fats. The fruits that you eat should be ripe and the vegetables should not be starchy. Other foods that may prevent inflammation are almonds, walnuts, and garlic.

Droopy eyelids

Your eyes can point to many health issues that your body may be suffering from. Aside from red eyes, however, another sign that you may notice is droopy eyelids. This is explicit evidence of fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, or fluid retention. It may also be caused by oxidative stress and cell damage in the body. The reason why people suffer from oxidative stress is because of processed food.

If you have been eating microwave meals or crisps, it’s time to stop. You need to eat food that has been freshly cooked and find healthy alternatives for snacks. Carrots and celery sticks with hummus is a great option. Not only will these snacks keep your eyelids from drooping further, but they will also enhance your skin and reduce the inflammation under your eyes.

Moreover, oxidative stress may be a result of the radicals that you come into contact with in the air or water. These are things that you cannot control. However, you can change your diet to prevent eye problems.

Wrinkles and sagging skin

Skin problems will inevitably occur as we age. Wrinkles and saggy skin may not seem harmful or dangerous, but it may be a worry when you notice these signs in your 20s. Deep nasio-labial lines indicate a congested digestive tract, an overloaded liver, and a lack of oxygen. Many women try to hide these problems by using makeup to cover fine lines and wrinkles. However, this does not solve the real problem.

What you should do is, again, stick to a nutritious diet. Pears, cabbage, lemon, and turmeric are foods that will help your skin get better. Drinking more water and green smoothies will help your skin glow as well. It’s best to limit drinking beverages with caffeine and soy for a while to let your skin repair itself.

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