A New Year's Beauty Resolution That Your Skin Will Thank You For

The New Year is here and it's that time for another resolution. While we may not have kept all our resolutions for the previous year, it is essential to look at the bigger picture—how our relationships have changed, how our perspective evolved, and how we grew as a person.

With new hopes and excitement for 2020, we make new resolutions that we look forward to keeping. And that includes a new year’s beauty resolution. Are you ready to give your skin the best year ever?

When making beauty resolutions, try to keep them as realistic and straightforward as possible. Here are some resolutions you can do. Follow them, and your skin will definitely thank you for it.

1. Add collagen to your beauty regimen

Collagen has been proven to be an effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 20 percent after eight weeks of consumption. Collagen helps with anti-aging and boosts the skin’s elasticity. It also helps retain moisture on the skin. Aside from the various benefits that it can give to the skin, collagen can also improve joint and bone health, digestion, and hormone imbalance. Add collagen your favorite latte or smoothie, or take it in supplement form.

2. Never skip your sunscreen

To keep looking younger and beautiful, not skipping sunscreen should be one of the main beauty resolutions you have for the New Year. Regardless if it’s winter or summer, apply the right amount of sunscreen on your face and body to ensure that your skin is free from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Daily application of sunscreen can help prevent premature aging and tanning, and even reduce the risk of skin cancer. If you need to be directly under the sun, apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before exposure.

3. Keep makeup brushes clean

Dirty makeup brushes can be perfect dwelling places for bacteria. Experts say that you must clean your makeup brushes at least once a month and eye brushes twice per month. This simple New Year’s beauty resolution will guarantee to keep your skin healthy, smooth, and break-out free.

4. Drink less alcohol

We know this one can be tough. But alcohol consumption has major consequences for your skin and health, especially if you drink too much. Alcohol causes inflammation and dries out the skin, plus it is loaded with sugar. Too much alcohol consumption can lead to swollen eyes, aging, cell damage, and rosacea.

5. Simplify your beauty routine

Having a ten to twelve-step morning and evening routine can be pretty exhausting. Having a simplified beauty routine is more manageable and easy to maintain. Look for more effective products, instead of using multiple products for different things. Invest in one, more expensive, and more effective product that covers many areas of your skin, rather than a whole bunch of cheap beauty products that may secretly keep others from working.

If you are looking to have good skin in the new year, get in touch with us today for our methylene blue skincare products.