How Do Collagen and Elastin Production Affect Your Skin

Collagen and elastin are some of the proteins that make your skin look healthy and glowing. Collagen provides the structural network that holds your body’s tissues together and keeps your skin firm and hydrated, while elastin is responsible for your skin’s elasticity. 

Unfortunately, collagen and elastin layers decrease as you age, and this process starts as young as age 25. If you fail to take good care of your skin, sagging, wrinkles, fine lines, and large pores start to creep earlier than you might expect. 

What Causes Collagen and Elastin Loss?

The production of collagen and elastin naturally slows down as you age, but an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of skincare, and other habits can speed up the aging process and lead to premature aging. Some common causes of collagen and elastin loss are consuming lots of processed foods such as sugar, dairy, and bread and prolonged exposure to pollution and UV damage without proper protection. 

How Do I Stimulate Collagen and Elastin Production?

While you cannot reverse signs of aging, you can delay them by stimulating your collagen and elastin production. You can do this by sticking to a healthy diet, exercising regularly, following good skincare habits, and using certain topical skincare ingredients.  

1. Maintain a consistent and effective skincare routine

Your skincare products should have ingredients that are formulated in a way that allows for optimal absorption into the skin to ensure that they reach the dermis. These types of products are called cosmeceuticals, and they contain peptides, vitamin C, vitamin A, retinaldehyde, and growth factors. They offer antioxidant protection from inflammation and free radical damage. You must also use an SPF with zinc oxide every day to prevent UV damage.

Another skincare product that makes a great addition to your routine is our anti-aging cream with Methylene Blue. This night cream has a patented formula that is scientifically proven to stimulate your skin cells to double the collagen and elastin production after just two weeks of use. It softens your wrinkles, smoothens and hydrates your skin, evens and brightens your tone, soothes inflammation and redness, and reduces the appearance of sunspots. 

2. Stick to a healthy diet

Make your skincare routine even more effective by nourishing your skin from within and maintaining a healthy diet. Drink at least 64 ounces of filter water every day, incorporate healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and avocado into your diet, consume a diet rich in low glycemic index fruits and vegetables, and avoid processed foods.

3. Be careful when taking collagen supplements

Collagen supplements are designed to stimulate collagen production, but be careful when taking them because some of them have negative side effects, especially if you’re allergic to seafood or meat products. You can suffer from allergic reactions, joint pain, or calcium overproduction if you’re not cautious enough.


Collagen and elastin production plays a major role in the health of your skin. While their layers naturally decrease with age, you can still maintain your youthful appearance and healthy-looking skin by following the tips mentioned in this guide. Make sure to invest in quality anti-aging skincare products, like ours, to preserve your skin cell health and look and feel your best for a long time.

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