How to Fix Premature Skin Aging - Our Guide

Are you starting to see wrinkles? Is your skin not as soft and smooth as before? If you're young, you might be experiencing premature skin aging. Many reasons contribute to your skin aging prematurely, but most of them are lifestyle-related.

Some include an unhealthy diet, nicotine, stress, ultra-violet radiation from the sun, and overconsumption of alcohol. These factors promote the formation of free radicals, which is the main contributor to aged skin. Below are a few things for you to note down in your quest to reduce skin aging.

The Skin Aging Process

As your skin gets older and older, your appearance and structure will change. Over 300 different theories try to answer the how's and why's to skin aging. The most significant changes during aging is a reduction in cellular activity, slower replacement of epidermis, low production of collagen, and a buildup of free radicals.

Free radicals are a substance produced by the body, even more so when exposed to UV radiation. Free radicals cause cell damage and, in effect, skin aging. You can see the results as your skin becomes looser and drier.

Lines, wrinkles, and different skin colors start to pop up as well. Stress also contributes to your skin aging process. The constant "fight or flight" mode pumps out hormones that cause the skin to look older. Cortisol, one of the hormones produced in this mode, breaks down collagen. With the lack of collagen, skin wrinkles begin to form.

Steps to Revitalize your Skin:

Signs To Start Using Cream

Applying cream for skin aging depends on every person. Some say you should start at around the age of 25 up to 30. However, you should begin using cream when you see signs of skin aging.

The most common spot for aging occurs around the eyes, as puffiness and dark circles start to form. If you are experiencing this, an eye cream applied to the area can help and do apply the eye cream as soon as it appears. For most, the application of cream before the age of 30 has proven effective.

Addressing Impurities and Wrinkles

Look for products that are specifically tailored for that type of skin that has a combination. Look for a light cream that allows for quick absorption and doesn't clog the pores. When cleaning your skin, deeply cleanse it with products that offer moisturization. Also, if you want to get rid of wrinkly skin, look for creams that have creatine. Creatine promotes the production of collagen and helps your skin look young again. To reduce the effects of free radicals on your face, look for a daily facial cream that can be worn day and night.

Effects of Anti-Aging Cream

It depends on your skin type, age, and current condition of your skin. Some may see results earlier, some later. There are a few ways to tell if an anti-aging cream is working. Your skin starts to tighten, as wrinkles and lines begin to disappear, and your skin will also feel smoother and more moisturized than before. For maximum effectiveness, apply anti-aging cream every day.

Vitamins for the Skin

Vitamins not only contribute to your overall metabolism, but to your skin's metabolism as well. Vitamin E protects against external factors such as UV radiation, eliminating free radicals. Provitamin B5 turns into vitamin B5 within the skin and creates a moisturized and smooth skin. It also boosts skin regeneration when you sleep at night. Look for creams that contain these vitamins, especially in night care products.

By making the necessary lifestyle changes, you can reduce and even prevent premature skin aging. No more is the skin rough and wrinkly, and with proper care, you can enjoy smooth and moist skin. Take the necessary steps, precautions, and protect yourself from the sun and apply the appropriate creams. You will enjoy looking young again or even younger.

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