Methylene Blue 101: Skin Aging & How Methylene Blue Can Help You

Over time, hiding signs of skin aging can be more challenging. You are dealing with internal and external factors, and your skin may need a bit of help to regenerate and heal. Thus, many people resort to skin treatments such as botox or procedures. However, there are still effective non-invasive alternatives to remedy the early signs of skin aging.

When you're starting to see signs of skin aging, the first thing you will want to do is to visit your dermatologist. They will give you excellent alternatives to cosmetic procedures to remedy your skin aging concerns. An effective option that they may recommend is using Methylene Blue skin products. Check out this ultimate guide on what Methylene Blue is and what it can do for your skin.

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What Causes Skin Aging?

It is always good to do proper research and learn the causes of skin aging to get the appropriate treatment. Here are the fundamental causes of skin aging that you should be aware of:

  • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Aging

Intrinsic aging happens over time. This type of aging is inevitable because it occurs naturally in the body and is influenced by the effects of free radicals and hormones. It dramatically affects the speed of how your skin repairs damage. Meanwhile, extrinsic aging is caused by environmental factors such as air pollution, sun exposure, and poor skin habits.

  • Oxidative Stress

Unfortunately, many don't know that the most significant reason for premature skin aging is the lack of oxygen your skin is receiving. When your skin experiences an imbalance of reactive oxygen species to antioxidants, your skin experiences decreased collagen production, which causes aging.

One way to strengthen your skin cells and help them stay resilient from free radicals is to add methylene blue products like Bluelene® in your skincare routine.

What Is Methylene Blue?

Methylene Blue, or methylthioninium chloride, is both a medication and a dye. This chemical is used to see microscopic life in a more vibrant color. When scientists add a drop of Methylene Blue to bacteria, they will be able to see the bacteria’s form and shapes.

Aside from these, using Methylene Blue is known to provide significant benefits to your skin, especially in combating skin aging. This is because Methylene Blue is a mitochondrial-targeting antioxidant with high ROS scavenging efficiency that helps remedy premature skin aging. Methylene Blue also increases the production of collagen as well as the elasticity of your skin, which results in smoother and improved skin texture.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue has numerous benefits in helping fight skin aging. One of its notable benefits is that it increases mitochondrial functions and ATP production (adenosine triphosphate). These factors help keep the cells in your skin healthy, ultimately fighting skin aging.

Another essential benefit of Methylene Blue is that it enhances cellular lifespan, which increases cell number and reduces markers of aging in skin cells.

Lastly, because of its antioxidant properties and its ability to find free radicals, it can efficiently treat many signs of skin aging. These skin aging signs are wrinkles, skin pigmentations, and reduced wound healing abilities.


It’s important to understand the causes of skin aging so that you can best determine your preferred skin care routine and treatment. Methylene Blue skin products are a non-invasive and effective solution to help restore your skin’s vibrance and youthfulness. In our third-party clinical testing for Bluelene 94% of participants showed overall skin improvements, and 86% showed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Our team proudly creates skincare creams so that you can celebrate your skin confidently with safe and effective products.

Bluelene® with Methylene Blue is a new line of anti-aging skincare products developed by Mblue Labs, Bethesda MD, USA. We offer high-quality and scientifically proven skincare products that provide significant benefits to your skin. Some of our methylene blue products are night creams, daily moisturizers, eye creams, and more. Check out our products and start fighting skin aging today!