Methylene Blue The Virus Warrior: Tips for Coronavirus Prevention

Dear Bluelene Family,

The novel coronavirus 2019, also known as COVID-19, is dominating the headlines. During this stressful time, we would like to share a few interesting facts about Methylene Blue and some of Dr. Cao’s tips.


Did you know our patented, star ingredient Methylene Blue is a virus fighter?

  • Methylene Blue has a long history of fighting/inhibiting viruses. The first discovery of the anti-virus effect of Methylene Blue was published in 1933!
  • In addition to fighting Malaria in the late 1800s, this little warrior has taken on serious viruses like West Nile and HIV!
  • How does Methylene Blue attack a virus? Many scientific studies have shown that this amazing compound has a strong affinity to the virus “envelope” and when it binds to the virus it inactivates & destroys it.

Dr. Cao’s Tips for Flu Season and Coronavirus:

  • Wash hands with soap and water, frequently and for a duration of at least 20 seconds. Use hand sanitizer gel when soap and water are not available. Air dry your hands for 15 seconds after the application of hand sanitizer. As skin dries out with repeated cleansing, look to Bluelene to restore moisture to your dry hands!

  • Cough and/or sneeze into your elbow or cover your mouth and nose with a tissue and dispose of tissues in trash receptacles. Wash your hands immediately after coughing or sneezing.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. Viruses can adhere to your hands, as well as to your face as they try to make their way inside the body.

  • Disinfect surfaces and objects you frequently touch (e.g. cell phones, laptops, keyboards, earbuds, etc.).

  • Avoid close contact with people exhibiting symptoms (fever, cough, etc.). Stay home if you exhibit symptoms.

  • Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Keep up your exercise and skincare routine! Bluelene creams may have unexpected functions beyond keeping your skin youthful and healthy!