Our Guide to Making Your Moisturizer Work Better

Moisturizer hydrates your skin, preventing dullness and flaking. It sounds simple enough—you apply it once or twice a day, and you’re good to go. However, you may not know that you could be using your moisturizer all wrong. As a result, it doesn’t fully benefit you.

But when you apply it correctly, you get long-lasting protection that you need, and your money will not go to waste. So here are some tips on how you can moisturize better to get the maximum benefits of the product you are using:

1. Exfoliate First

Before applying any product on your skin, exfoliate first. This will remove dead cells on the surface of your skin, which could otherwise act as a barrier to other skincare products. Exfoliating will also remove dirt and oil and help increase absorption.

2. Wash your Face with Lukewarm Water

Wash your face with lukewarm water to open up your pores. With spaces between cells, the absorption will be better, so the products will get into your skin.

3. Layer the Skincare Products Properly

There is a proper way to layer the skincare products you are using to get their maximum benefits for your skin. Always begin with the products that have the thinnest consistency. Apply serum first, followed by the oil, and then the cream. Sunscreens, however, should be applied last because it will block skin absorption. So if you apply the moisturizer after a sunscreen, it won’t sink in your skin.

4. Apply Moisturizer at the Right Time

Don’t just pick a time of the day that is convenient for you to apply your moisturizer. The best time to hydrate your skin is after taking a bath or washing your face. This will enable you to lock the moisture into your skin. However, don’t apply the lotion if your skin is still wet because it will only slide off. Instead, dry your skin with a towel and apply the lotion or moisturizer while your skin is freshly moist.

5. Experiment on How Much Moisturizer You Need

There is no specific amount of moisturizer that is strictly set for application because it varies on your own skin. So, you may need to experiment on this a little until you can easily measure how much moisturizer do you need. When you can’t easily spread the lotion, then you probably need more, and when you can’t seem to rub them in all, you’re using too much.

6. Apply Moisturizer on Your Neck as Well

When applying moisturizer, don’t stop on your jaws. Instead, you have to spread it down to your neck. You should also include your chest and hands because signs of aging will also manifest in these areas.

Your skin needs to be hydrated to keep it healthy-looking and to slow down the appearance of signs of aging. While it looks simple enough, you might be surprised to learn that you are doing it all wrong, so you are not getting the most out of it. Incorporate these tips into your beauty routine, and your moisturizer will surely work better for you.

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