Our Ultimate Skincare Secrets for the Colder Months

Winter is upon us with all the joy of snow days, fireplaces and hot chocolate! But cold outside temperatures, low humidity and dry indoor heat are not exactly celebrating our skin. You have probably noticed that it feels dry and looks less dewy. 

It is time for a winter routine that keeps your skin nourished, hydrated and protected!

Skincare Secrets for Winter

Secret #1: Use a Humidifier When You're at Home

The colder the temperature, the lower the humidity, and the higher the loss of moisture from your skin. Besides keeping your respiratory system comfortable, raising the humidity levels in your living and working space will keep your skin more hydrated. When there is moisture in the air, we can prevent parched, dry skin issues. 

Secret #2: Don't Overexpose Your Skin to Heat

You might turn to a nice hot shower to remedy that feeling of dryness, but it is actually better to take a warm shower to preserve hydration. You may also want to set the temperature in your home to a comfortable, cool setting to help your skin stay more hydrated. 

Secret #3: Use a Moisturizing Cleanser without high Alcohol Content

It might be tempting to use a cleanser with a pleasant fragrance, but check for alcohol content which is often the base of the fragrance. Alcohol will dry out your skin much faster. Most skincare products list ingredients in order of concentration, so check the label. Instead, look for a moisturizing cleanser.

Secret #4: Don't Skip Sunscreen

We often forget to use sunscreen when the days are shorter and the temperatures are much cooler. But the sun’s rays are still hazardous and can damage your skin. You can get a sunburn during the winter season, especially in higher elevations. Use a Day Cream with SPF, if you plan to spend time outdoors.

Secret #5: Keep Your Body Hydrated

Putting a super hydrating cream on your body post shower, will help to retain your skin's moisture. But you need to also hydrate your whole body from the inside. This means drinking plenty of water/liquid since it helps support cell restructuring, allowing you to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

The Bottom Line: Your Skin Will Need Some Extra Love and Care During the Winter Months

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