How To Get The Best Results Out of Anti-Aging Products

If fine lines are creeping in and your skin is not as plump and supple as it used to be, it may be time to begin using anti-aging skincare products. Before you spend a small fortune on the many different items the lovely lady at the cosmetics counter insists you need, you might want to do a bit of research. There are in fact some best practices to maximize the results of your new product purchase. Wondering how you can make the most out of your anti-aging skincare routine? Keep reading to find out!

Exfoliation First
The surface of your skin has a lot of dead skin cells that need to be removed. They act as a barrier that can prevent absorption of whatever product you put on it. Make sure to remove those dead skin cells in order to get the full effect of the product you are using. To remove those dead skin cells, you will need to exfoliate. An exfoliator will use an enzyme to remove that layer of cells. Your skin cells change over every 28 days, so it is a good practice to exfoliate bi-weekly for normal/sensitive skin and weekly for oily/combination skin. If you've got sensitive skin, don't worry - there are gentle exfoliators that will not irritate your skin. It's good to invest in a good, gentle exfoliator that fits with your skin type. Some cleansers will exfoliate, but it is recommended that you buy a separate exfoliator altogether.

Follow An Order For More Effectiveness
Most anti-aging skin care products will recommend that you apply them in a certain order. Depending on what you are trying to tackle first, be it acne, wrinkles or sun spots, you will want to apply the most active ingredients for those in the beginning of your routine. If you are using more than one product for different issues, they should be applied separately - one in the morning and one at night, on bare skin both times. This way, you will efficiently get both results. Your products should be applied according to consistency, from thinnest to thickest. Serums may be applied first; finishing with your night cream or sunscreen. The only exception is retinoids, which should not be applied first, even though they are thinner, as they can irritate sensitive skin.

Apply Products On Damp Skin
Anti-aging skin care products should be applied on damp skin so that they will absorb more quickly. The key is that your skin is damp, not wet. The only exception to this rule is mineral-based sunscreen, as it is designed to sit on the surface of your face to reflect away harmful rays. Applying a mineral-based sunscreen to damp skin may cause running and uneven coverage. This may end up making it chalky after a while. Dry your skin completely before applying a mineral-based sunscreen, but opt for damp skin for anything else.

Increasing Absorption

To ensure better absorption, give your face and neck a gentle massage. The general rule is from top to bottom and from center to outside on your face. You can even do five minutes of face-yoga to increase the blood circulation, and thus absorption after the application of your skin care product. We have our favorite face yoga movements to share with you in 2019. Stay tuned! Follow our blog weekly.

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