• Anti-Aging Science

The Science Behind the Magic

Science is a long, arduous process to find & understand the mysteries of mother nature. Dr. Kan Cao has spent the better part of her career in the laboratory, studying aging. Since completing her PhD at Johns Hopkins in 2005 to her current tenure as a professor at the University of Maryland, she has become one of the world's leading scientists in anti-aging research and she recently published one of the biggest discoveries that the field has ever seen. A common dye, methylene blue, was found by her lab to have incredible anti-aging properties for human skin.

From extending the life span of individual skin cells to improving overall skin connective tissue/wound healing ability, methylene blue was found to be a game-changer for skin health.  This discovery was published in Nature Scientific Reportspraised widely amongst the scientific community, and became an invention of the year finalist at the University of Maryland. Her discovery was also featured in many major media outlets such Cosmetics Design and Allure.  By applying her scientific insights, Dr. Cao brings you Bluelene, the world's first methylene blue based skin cream. Use the latest anti-aging science to help your skin look great—try some today!