Methylene Blue has been used for over 100 years in medical applications and is on the WHO list of safe and essential chemicals. The Bluelene product has been rated as safe by the FDA.

Our extensive lab tests confirm that our formulation will never turn your skin blue.

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The Bluelene products are made in USA.

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You will immediately notice extra hydration and plumpness, as well as improvements in texture. Expect age reversal results after 2-3 weeks of use, with optimal results at 4 weeks. Give Bluelene at least 28 days to catch a full cell turnover cycle. Our active ingredient Methylene Blue goes inside the skin cell to repair damage from free radicals; as a result skin cells proliferate at a greater rate and with greater viability. This doubles the cell's collagen and elastin production - the building blocks of plump, beautiful skin in just two weeks. 

We don't recommend using retinol while using Bluelene. Bluelene works to restore your skin cell health, so you have a greater proliferation of healthy cells that double your collagen and elastin production in just 2 weeks. Retinol encourages rapid skin cell turnover (cell death), so you make new cells that also produce collagen and elastin. As you can see, the two products do opposite things. If you have some remaining retinol, we suggest using it on other body parts, ie neck or décolleté, while using Bluelene on your face.

Vitamin C is very complimentary to Methylene Blue, which is our patented ingredient. In fact, our research shows that together, these two actives have a synergistic effect to produce even more collagen and elastin. Bluelene’s Night Plus+ has a built-in Vit C serum to capture this wonderful effect. You can always layer you Vit C serum under our Bluelene creams.

We use therapeutic grade oils only in minimal quantity to create a slight, pleasant scent. All of our products  use oils in compliance with the IFRA standards, which set the levels by oil for photosensitivity. Our products are far below the standards set by IFRA for photosensitivity. 

We have seen nice results with improving skin texture and smoothing of uneven skin tone, as well as reducing inflammation related acne. While, we don't specifically work on scar tissue, we would encourage you to try our Night Plus+. We have had so many reports of incredible skin improvement.

We suggest using our Night Cream for evening and our Daily Moisturizer for morning. Both products have the same amount of active ingredients, but the Daily is lighter. Our customers with normal to oily skin prefer it in the daytime. If you have dry skin, you might start by using the Night Cream for both morning and night.

Our Night  Plus+ is includes a Vitamin C serum that is built-in. Our research shows that this combination delivers a tripling effect on skin cell proliferation. It is the product we recommend for mature skin and skin that needs special attention for sun damage repair, hyperpigmentation and skin inflammation issues.

You can use exfoliants like AHA with Bluelene. They work to remove dead skin cells from the skin's top layer, while Methylene Blue goes into the deeper layers of the skin.

Products like Benzoyl peroxide work by peeling away the skin to get rid of dead skin cells, excessive oil, and bacteria to keep pores free from clogs and to reduce inflammation. You can use a Benzoyl Peroxide wash in the morning and use our night cream for your pm routine.

We established the optimal levels of Methylene Blue for skin health during our research. At these levels, there is no blue coloration in either our creams or on your skin. The actual concentration is a trade secret. We only cause pharmaceutical grade Methylene Blue, which is of the highest purity.

You can safely use the Daily Moisturizer or our Night Creams after derma rolling. Our star ingredient Methylene Blue doubles collagen and elastin with regular use, and it promotes wound healing. All of these properties are quite complimentary to the use of a derma roller.

We do not see any skin peeling associated with our Bluelene formulations. In fact, Methylene Blue promotes skin health and wound healing, so it would create the opposite effect.

Our patented ingredient Methylene Blue has the unique ability to penetrate both water and lipid (fat), which is why it can enter the double membrane surrounding the skin cell, as well as the membranes of the mitochondria. Once inside, Methylene Blue repairs the DNA, creates mitochondrial health and increases the proliferation of new cells, which double the collagen and elastin production.

Dr. Cao conducted all the studies you see published and she also formulates our Bluelene products in accordance with her research.  Everything we bring to market starts in our own R&D lab under Dr. Cao's guidance. We also commissioned a third party, independent clinical study that tested our Bluelene product on women of various ages and ethnicities over a 4 week period.  The study confirmed our own research findings.

Here is the Nature Scientific Report where we published our results on MB as a super anti-oxidant and electron carrier: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-02419-3

You might also be interested in the report on the sun protection capabilities of MB, as well as our research on outperforming Retinol: Ultraviolet radiation protection potentials of Methylene Blue for human skin and coral reef health | Scientific Reports.

Our products are developed in the Biology Labs at the University of Maryland. We use sophisticated bio printed 3-D human skin models to conduct all of our testing and are 100% cruelty free. We do not use any animal derived ingredients in our formulations and meet vegan standards.

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