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New Retinol, Vitamin C and Methylene Blue Comparison

Our latest research shows Methylene Blue outperforms Retinol without the irritation often experienced by sensitive skin sufferers.
Most surprisingly, the combination of Vitamin C and Methylene Blue has a true synergistic anti-aging effect:

• Methylene Blue significantly reduced oxidative cell stress by scavenging ROS - while Retinol & Vitamin C had very little effect on skin health
• Skin cells doubled w/ Methylene Blue while experiencing only small +/- variations with Retinol, more skin cells make more collagen & elastin!
• The combination of Methylene Blue & Vitamin C boosted skin cell numbers as much as 300% (depending on age) when compared to retinol

Methylene Blue is a novel Coral Reef Safe Sunscreen

Data published by Nature Scientific Reports (May 2021) confirms Methylene Blue as a new full spectrum sunscreen, safe for humans and coral reefs:

• Methylene Blue outperformed the most commonly used sunscreen active ingredient Oxybenzone and its derivatives
• Methylene Blue protects skin against UVB radiation and repairs the photo-aging damages caused by UVA exposure
• Coral reef exposed to Oxybenzone died within seven days, while coral prospered when treated with Methylene Blue

Creating new skin cells

Bluelene®, made with our patented super-antioxidant Methylene Blue, helps to double your healthy skin cells better than Retinol - keeping your skin thriving for years to come. 

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Better skin in just two weeks

Methylene Blue treatment increases Collagen and Elastin production in skin cells in as little as two weeks - our hero patented ingredient is used in all of our skin care products.

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Thickening the dermis layer

These cross-section images show three-dimensional human skin models made of living skin cells. The Untreated model skin (left panel) shows a thinner dermis layer compared with model skin treated with Methylene Blue (right panel) for 2 weeks - an increase in skin hydration and overall thickness.

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What Medical Experts are Saying

Diane Madfes, MD, FAAD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology Mount Sinai School of Medicine:

The Night Plus+ has been a savior for my patients with extra dry sensitive skin, especially for those undergoing cancer treatments. My patients plagued by excessive dryness from chemo side effects are beyond happy they have a plus.

Dr. Rahi, MD. Integrative Aesthetics Beverly Hills & NYC:

I have been using Bluelene skincare in practice for the past year and noticed amazing results especially when used post procedure. Bluelene skincare uses revolutionary technology with Methylene Blue - a powerful antioxidant - that is safe to use for all skin types, and all ages. Methylene Blue has been shown to have powerful healing abilities while also allowing regeneration of the tissue. I am excited to partner with Bluelene and be able to provide the skincare to my patients.