3 Ways to Get Rid of the Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

The playwright Shakespeare said “the eyes are the window to the soul” and he was so right! Science has proven that we communicate our emotions and thoughts through our eyes, which is why they are the major facial focal point for people.

Our face reflects our current and past history. While laugh lines can tell the story of a life well lived, dark circles and under eye puffiness can simply be a temporary chapter. 

What causes dark circles?

Genetics and age can be factors that are out of your control. Some people naturally have darker pigmentation around the eyes, which makes circles more prominent. The skin around the eyes is already thinner with less soft tissue (collagen and elastin) and subcutaneous fat for support. 

As we age, we lose collagen, elasticity and fat; hollows can easily develop under the eye, which create shadows and dark circles. But there are things we can do to either prevent or treat under eye circles.

How to avoid dark circles 

There are several triggers that bring on dark circles: allergies, dehydration, diet, lack of sleep, sun damage.


Histamines that trigger allergic reactions can dilate the blood vessels and cause inflammation around the eyes. Rubbing the eyes increases irritation and can damage the blood vessels in the delicate skin surrounding the eye. Be mindful of choosing make-up products that are irritant-free and work with your doctor to treat environmental allergies to prevent under eye circles. 


Drinking caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate the body and will show up in our largest organ - the skin. Excess salt in our diet can cause water retention, which may lead to puffiness and dark circles. Consider moderating your caffeine and alcohol intake, drink more water and avoid high sodium foods.


Lack of sleep does not cause dark circles, but it can make existing shadows more prominent.  Getting adequate sleep will aid your body in repairing cell damage, which will improve your complexion and cause those circles to fade.

How to treat dark circles

Tea Bags

Grandmother’s remedy is still tried and true! Caffeine is a diuretic and when applied to your eyes, will constrict the blood vessels. Use 2 tea bags (green or black tea - caffeinated!) and soak them in hot water for 3-5 minutes; let them cool for about 15 minutes (chilling in the fridge is great) and place a bag on each eye for about 15 minutes. 


Elevating your head while you sleep will help to prevent fluid from accumulating around the eyes. Use gravity and an extra pillow to take down puffiness, as long as your neck is happy with this position.

Cold Goodies

Another old remedy is the use of something cold to constrict your blood vessels and reduce dark circles and puffiness. The classic chilled cucumber slices, a cold teaspoon, or frozen peas will do the trick. Make sure to wrap anything frozen in a cloth napkin to avoid direct icey contact with the skin. Apply for 10-15 minutes.

Can skincare help and do you need an eye cream?

State of the art skincare that is designed to delay and even reverse skin aging, will preserve the fragile skin around the eye, and increase the support tissues collagen and elastin. 

The skin around your eyes needs special care and maintenance; eye creams and serums can provide the required moisture and nutrients your skin needs. Products such as Bluelene®’s Eye Cream and Bluelene's Serum Plus+ target the delicate eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles while reviving the skin's radiance.

Choose an eye cream and a serum with super antioxidants like Vitamin Ester-C and Methylene Blue that target skin cell health and ensure higher proliferation of new, healthy cells that build lots of support tissues like collagen and elastin.  Humectants like hyaluronic acid are also wonderful ingredients for the eye area, as they attract and stimulate hydration.


The skin around your eyes can have a big effect on how you look. For a fresh youthful appearance, embrace a healthy lifestyle and use the best eye cream in the market.

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