4 Mistakes That Can Cause Your Skin to Look Older

Aging—whether you’ve accepted it, hate it, or are trying to beat it—is inevitable for everyone on Earth (well, unless time stops). Maintaining a youthful glow is almost certainly something important for those above the age of thirty. Unfortunately, aging is inevitable.

Rather than stress over it, why not just accept that you’re growing older? Don’t think of it as withering away. Wine only gets finer with time—and so do you! While looking and feeling youthful is certainly possible, the truth is that aging can actually be accelerated if you aren’t in the right environment or going about staying young the wrong way.

A stressful environment and bad habits can accelerate aging, but there is a lot more that can make people look older than their years. It’s important for you to know what to avoid, where to be, and what to do to ensure that you can keep your skin looking as youthful as ever.

Simple mistakes you might be making

You can buy yourself an extra decade or two looking like you practically haven’t aged, even when you’re past your midlife crisis. All you have to do is avoid the following youth-breakers:

1. You’re taking in way too much sunlight

If you live in a sunny state or have a job that requires you to walk around way more often than most people do, then chances are that you can’t avoid the sun at all. However, too much sun exposure can ruin your youthful glow, especially if you spend a large portion of your day basking in the light. Although the sun is definitely unavoidable (10 minutes of vitamin D daily is great for the skin), it’s smart to apply sunscreen to help fight the harmful effects of the sun’s rays while nourishing your skin with the right nutrients.

If your daily routine involves quite a number of outdoor activities such as taking the bus, riding the train, waiting in the sun, hopping on a bicycle, or jogging out in the open, it’s even more important to put on some sunblock with a high SPF level for added protection.

2. Exercise isn’t really in your routine

There’s no doubt about it—working out does wonders for your skin. Exercising can help tremendously with your blood flow. This, in turn, helps with revitalizing your skin as blood carries oxygen and nutrients all over your body. Exercising also helps with preventing the dreaded sag that comes with aging by maintaining elasticity and increasing collagen production to keep your skin nice and tight.

3. You may be too disappointed too often

Now, this fact doesn’t necessarily point at stress itself. It’s actually about the act of pursing your lips. Pursing your lips constantly, whether it’s because of disappointment and uncontrollable emotions or stress-smoking, can lead to the development of unsightly fine lines on your face. Try to avoid tasks that involve the action in the first place, such as smoking, drinking from water bottles that have a small opening, and pursing your lips.

4. There’s too much sugar in your diet (or the severe lack of it)

While happiness may equate to greater skin, you may want to hold back a bit on the cookies and candies if you depend on them as a source of joy and delight. According to a study, sugar can cause inflammation of the skin, which leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin—two essential components for youthful looks and supple skin.

Aging is inevitable, but you can slow it down by avoiding these mistakes. With the right habits and products, you can still look younger than your age.

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