4 Tips to Keep Your Skin Safe During the Holidays

Finally, the holidays have arrived! You've been looking forward to this season for months, and now you're given a chance to get out there and enjoy life. Unfortunately, after all the party is done and over, you sit in front of the mirror and are left in shock after discovering that your once-perfect skin is dehydrated and less buoyant than you thought.

What happened? Why did your skin suddenly get worse? It could be for many reasons—you've slept late, you've eaten too many sugary items, or you've been stressed out.

Afraid your skin might be the next victim of the holidays? Here are four tips to ensure it stays healthy and happy well into the New Year: 

1. Limit Sugary Foods

Holidays are the best time to go and treat yourself, so we don't blame you if you find yourself in a restaurant trying out every dessert item on the menu. Unfortunately, although your sense of taste is living the dream, your skin is silently suffering.

Sugars cause glycation, a process where molecules from your body bind with the sugar, causing two things. The first thing it can do is to stop your cells from functioning normally. The second one is that it can produce free radicals that damage the skin cells. As a result, the more you eat sugary items, the more free radicals are produced, and the more cells in your body are damaged. This reflects in your skin, turning it from something that looks young and tight to one that's more prone to wrinkling.

As your skin gets damaged, it becomes weaker, unable to keep you safe from dangerous elements, such as UV rays, which further harm your skin and body. With all that said, try to limit or even avoid eating sugary foods. Instead, replace your ice creams and bubble teas with healthier alternatives like berries and fruits. 

2. Minimize Alcohol

Alcohol might be your go-to drink at this time of the year. However, it is just as damaging as sugary foods. When alcohol enters your body, it is broken down into acetaldehyde. This toxic substance is even more dangerous than alcohol itself and can cause your skin to flush. It can also cause inflammation, degradation of collagen, and all sorts of other trouble that will hurt your skin.

It would be wise to limit drinking alcohol around the holiday to keep your skin feeling fresh and vibrant, but if the urge keeps hitting you, we have a solution: red wine! This beverage is packed with antioxidants that can help make your skin look great. Of course, this is only possible if you avoid overdoing it!

3. Get Enough Sleep

One of the biggest challenges you might face during the holidays is to find some time to get a good night's sleep. During the holidays, it’s easy to take advantage of the fact that you don’t need to wake up for work (if you’re fortunate enough to have time off) so that you can spend the whole night and day partying away. During that time, the skin can get damaged as it deals with the outside elements, and the only time the skin can get around to repairing itself is when you sleep.

Lack of sleep not only stops your skin from receiving the necessary maintenance it needs, but it can also elevates the symptoms. Without sleep, your body also produces cortisol, raising your stress levels. In other words, with plenty of stress and not enough time to get some rest, your skin is going to suffer.

4. Use Moisturizer

When you're out and about against the elements of the world, your skin is prone to drying out. With dry skin, you're likely to start flaking, itching, and even bleeding if it cracks! One of the best ways you can counteract this problem, aside from drinking plenty of water, is to use a moisturizer. As the name implies, moisturizers make sure your skin stays moist at all times. Generally, it works by sealing your skin to keep water from escaping. Some moisturizers come with anti-oxidants, while some help enhance the body's collagen, allowing your skin to look young and healthy.

If we can recommend a product, our very own Bluelene Daily Moisturizer may be just what you’re looking for! This product is a moisturizer that anyone can use daily to rehydrate their skin, smooth out wrinkles, and turn back the clock!

Don’t wait till the ball drops to start a new skincare regimen. Follow these four tips we've given you, and you’ll get compliments on your clear skin at every holiday party! Of course, it takes a little effort and motivation to look good, but trust us when we say that it is much easier than having to start from zero all over again.

If you are looking to keep your skin well protected over the holiday period, get in touch with us today for our methylene blue skincare products.