4 Ways Exfoliation Helps Keep Skin Beautiful and Youthful

You might not be able to turn back the clock and reverse ageing, but with skin exfoliation, you can look as good as you were twenty years ago. It smoothens and softens your skin, gives it a more vibrant glow, and lets moisturizers penetrate deeper in your skin. It can even aid the skin’s natural regeneration process. However, how does exfoliation do all these things?

1. It unclogs pores and encourages cell division

The skin of babies remains youthful-looking all the time because their skin cells keep dividing and regenerating. As you age, however, your skin cells divide less frequently, slowing down regeneration rates. Old, dry, dead skin stays longer, resulting in rough, dull skin. Because it takes a longer time to produce new skin, the pores of older skin also accumulate dirt, leaving your skin less hydrated than it needs to be.

Exfoliation speeds up the regeneration process by removing the pre-existing dead skin. In the process, the clogged pores are cleaned, and the hardened layers of old skin removed. The living skin cells exposed by exfoliation then divide and produce new skin cells to replace what was removed, a mechanism similar to how the body heals wounds. The result is new skin that is clean, smooth, and soft that takes off years from your aged appearance.

2. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin

Collagen and elastin are proteins that bind your skin cells together. These proteins also keep your skin firm yet flexible. Through time, however, your body produces less and less of these proteins, often starting at age 25. Substances called free radicals, which you can get from the environment, also encourage the breakdown of these protein structures. The reduction in collagen and elastin production and the attack of free radicals causes the skin to lose its firmness, forming wrinkles.

In the same way that exfoliation encourages skin cell division, exfoliation can also stimulate collagen and elastin production. This procedure helps diminish the wrinkles on your face, hands, and arms, giving you a renewed youthful look.

3. It enhances the absorption of skincare treatments

Exfoliation also enhances the body’s absorption of skincare treatments such as moisturizers. Old, dry skin is hard and acts as an obstacle that reduces the efficiency of moisturizers and other treatments. By lopping off old skin, you bring active, living skin cells to the surface that make it easier for your skincare treatments to diffuse and penetrate deeper in your dermis. This ensures maximum delivery of nutrients that your skin needs to keep looking young, fresh, and healthy.

4. It preserves moisture

Dead skin cells not only look lackluster, but its rigidness reduces the skin’s capacity to retain moisture. Even if you drink plenty of water throughout the day, you would only lose that in the form of perspiration, which increases dead skin cells. This results in white cracks and calloused patches that would make your skin look harsh and reptilian-like. Exfoliation removes these hardened skin and lets your skin cells retain more of the moisture they need.

Friendly reminders

Exfoliation can do wonders for your skin but it's important to have a proper routine. You risk doing more harm than good if you purchase exfoliants online without professional advice. If you are planning to exfoliate your skin, consult with a dermatologist first. These licensed skincare professionals would determine the right type of exfoliation procedure or treatment that is safe and effective for your body.

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