5 Methods That Can Help Reduce and Remove Puffy Eyes

Have you ever looked into the mirror and thought you might look more tired than usual? It might be puffiness under your eyes that is making your whole face look a little less fresh and vibrant.

Having puffy eyes can be a sign of aging, but can also occur when there’s something different about your blood circulation and fluid retention. Here are a few tips to naturally work on puffy eyes:  

1. Change Sleeping Habits

Increasing your sleeping hours can significantly decrease your chances of puffy eyes. Even if you feel like you have a solid sleep schedule, adding an hour or two can do you a lot of good. 

Your sleeping position is also important. Fluid build-up is common if you sleep on your sides or stomach. Consider adjusting your sleeping position to sleeping on your back or elevating your head with an extra pillow. Blood flow will improve, preventing blood from pooling, and your eye bags and dark circles will diminish.

2. Check for Allergies 

Puffy eyes can be a sign of allergies. It is important to check with your doctor to see if you suffer from allergies and find the right treatment plan to manage your symptoms. Expect your doctor to prescribe anti-inflammatory medication or eye drops that can prevent your eye area from turning red and swelling.

3. Stay Hydrated

One of the perks of drinking plenty of water is reducing eye puffiness and promoting better blood flow in your face. Keep drinking water to reach the recommended eight-cups-a-day mark.

4. Depuff with these Tools

Puffy eyes normally occur because of a problem with blood flow and inflammation. Apply a cold compress, use an old-fashioned spoon straight from the fridge, or apply a chilled eye cream/ serum. You can also use some of mother nature’s remedies like cucumber slices, tea bags and witch hazel (in a compress). Try gently tapping or massaging the area to stimulate blood flow. 

5. Get Eye Creams and Products

There’s an array of skincare products, creams, and serums that are set to target any problem areas you might have. When it comes to puffy eyes, your best bet is to get a good eye cream that will reduce inflammation and help to reduce the bags.

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Following these tips can help remove puffiness from your eyes and improve your skin overall. Look more youthful and alive from the moment you open your eyes until it’s time to close them again. 

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