5 Steps to Getting Beauty Sleep with Your Skincare Routine

Some things are crucial to have before bed – be it a cup of milk to help settle you in, a midnight snack to satisfy your cravings, or getting some beauty sleep. Other than finding rest a beautiful thing to do, the American Academy of Dermatology says there's a scientific reason behind it.

It explores how your skin repairs itself while you're snoozing at night, and for that reason, it's crucial to ensure your skincare routine before bed is in order to make the most of your time under the covers. There's nothing better than feeling like you woke up fresh and nourished, and this 5-step routine can help cleanse, hydrate, and brighten up your skin for the best beauty sleep you can get.

To that end, here's how you can look and feel good even when you hit the hay:

Step #1: Cleanse thoroughly

It's time to clear your face and brighten up the dullness of the night with a soap-free, exfoliating face wash. This is a fundamental yet critical step as this is where your pores can be unclogged, especially when rinsed using lukewarm water to help open it up for deep cleaning. On the other hand, exfoliating will increase the blood flow, which will allow for better absorption of the product's active ingredients.

Make sure to use your hands when exfoliating and not a washcloth as over-exfoliation can make your skin raw and vulnerable to damaging elements in the environment, especially when exposed to the city's pollution.

If you want a more substantial exfoliation, pair it with a washcloth and lukewarm water at night as the skin naturally repairs itself throughout your sleep cycle. To make the most out of a good facial wash, it should contain moisturizers and exfoliating particles that are gentle to the skin.

Step #2: Brighten your skin using Vitamin C serums

Many serums are widely known for their brightening magic. After a long day at work, your skin may feel dull and in dire need of a pick-me-up before bed. To that end, freshen yourself up by applying serums, which are skin boosters infused with Vitamin C and green tea extracts that lighten dark spots. Additionally, serums aim to brighten your complexion as well as offer hydration to smoothen skin. It's lightweight, fast-absorbing and smells like fresh citrus!

Step #3: Keep your skin hydrated using a moisturizer

Any moisturizing elements from your facial wash aren't enough. It's best to seal the deal to a more fabulous skin by adding another layer of anti-aging moisturizer. The first step is to open up your pores and reach the most deep-seated dirt it accumulated through an exfoliator, now it's crucial to close it up using a moisturizer to hydrate, protect, and soothe your skin while you're off to a sweet slumber. This works by restoring the electrolytes in the skin, which in turn, improves skin respiration and cell proliferation.

Step #4: Include beauty-focused supplements in your routine

All the steps above are designed to help exteriorly, but you can take it a step further by nourishing your skin from within through supplements that can provide antioxidant protection against factors that age skin, not to mention a surge of energy that can pump you up for the day. Key ingredients to look for are astaxanthin and lutein, two potent antioxidants with energizing B vitamins.

To enhance skin rejuvenation, pair it with a low-glycemic, protein-packed shake that includes biotin and calcium as these will help strengthen facial bones. You may think that signs of aging are all in the skin, but shrinking facial bone structure is a significant contribution as to why the skin will sag. Take this before bed, and you'll be dreaming of a youthful glow for your skin in no time.

Step #5: Elevate your head

One of the best ways to cap off an excellent nighttime ritual for your skincare is to prop your head up while you sleep. Elevating your head has been proven to improve the quality of sleep, which results in better skin when the morning comes.

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