7 Tips to Maximize Anti-Aging Skin Care Products Like a Pro

Do you feel like you’re not getting enough of what your skincare product kit promises you to have? Here’s a secret—according to good dermatologists, the manner of using your anti-aging skincare products always affects the results. That means the cost of the product is irrelevant. It’s still how you use it that makes a difference.

That is why to maximize the results of these skincare products, the good dermatologists suggest the following tips you should abide by. If you want your skin to look refreshed, vibrant, and young, here’s what you need to do.

1. Don’t use all the products at once.

Start with one. You have to test how your skin will react to being introduced to a new product that promises to take care of it. It may take time to see the results, so do it one at a time. You’ll never know how sensitive skin really is until you use all skincare products at once. It’s tough to fix an agitated skin, so it is best to treat your skin like it’s a baby’s. Otherwise, signs of aging will be more visible than you know.

2. Conduct a skin test.

Just because you saw your favorite celebrity use the product on her skin generally doesn’t mean you should do the same thing. The rule of thumb on skincare is never taking just take a celebrity’s word for it. That’s because what may work for others may not work for you.

Regardless of whether the product comes highly recommended, or that the labeling says it’s safe, you should likely test it before you routinely use it. To test a product, put a small amount on your inner forearm. Do this twice a day for five days. If your skin looks and feels normal on the fifth day, then the product is safe to use.

3. If it hurts you, it’s bad for you.

If the product hurts after application, it means that it’s not compatible with your skin. Irritated skin looks older. Let go and move on. Look for another product that will fulfill its promises.

4. Follow the directions.

Before you apply any product on your skin, make sure that you read the label and the instructions on how to use it. Your products have active ingredients that, if missed, can cause clogged pores, blotchiness, and dryness if not used correctly. Only use as directed.

5. Be patient.

You can’t eat the fruit of the seed you just planted. Everything takes time. This is the law of gestation, and you have to wait. Only because the product hasn’t shown any result after two weeks of use doesn’t mean it’s not working. You have to consider the level of damage it has to fix and realign your expectations based on that. Most products take six to 12 weeks to work. Don’t be too quick to switch brands because you’ll only exhaust your already exhausted skin.

6. If you see results, continue.

Don’t stop using the product because it works. The only reason it’s working is that you’re using it continually. So why stop?

7. Use your pinky fingers.

This is a golden tip. Your pinky fingers are the tiniest fingers on your hands. Use them when you’re soaping your face and applying products on your face. As mentioned, you must treat your skin like it’s a baby’s, so you don’t over irritate your skin. Pinky fingers put less pressure on the surface, and it allows the penetration of products using gentle and circular movements. This is the secret technique from South Korea where people often look a decade younger than their actual age.

If none of the tips above works, talk with a dermatologist for specific product recommendations. He or she can further examine your skin to determine the best treatment plan. You can also discuss skincare topics that bother you. Just remember that not all the skincare products you use might be the absolute skincare your skin needs.

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