8 Anti-Aging Makeup Tips to Give You a Youthful Glow

Ask any woman, and she’ll tell you what her biggest skin issue is: aging. Fine lines, dullness, and sagginess—these are all signs that our bodies are getting older, and so is our skin. While we can’t reverse the clock, we can use beauty products to help our skin get a more radiant glow.

Makeup is such a powerful beauty tool, and contrary to what some people think, it doesn’t have to age you. The key is to choose the right products and to know how to apply them properly.

Follow these eight anti-aging makeup tips and your skin can look its best:

1. Do the prep

The first step to looking fresher and younger is caring for your skin. Before putting on any makeup, prep your skin by cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Plus points if your skincare products contain anti-aging ingredients. Makeup products will go smoother on your face if it’s well-hydrated.

2. Pick up that primer

After moisturizing, it’s time to prime your face. A makeup primer is an oft-neglected product because not everyone knows its power. A primer is a sheer gel or liquid that, when applied, acts as a screen between your skin and makeup. It blurs pores and blemishes, evens out skin tone, and makes makeup last longer on your skin.

3. Skip the mattes

Choosing the right foundation for your face isn’t about picking the right shade. Consider the formula as well. While mattes are in these days, they are more drying to the skin—making wrinkles and fine lines more noticeable. Go for a base with a smooth, satin finish that will give your skin a more dewy look. 

4. Try the creams

Like matte foundations, powder blushes and bronzers can be drying. Powder tends to sit on the skin’s surface, making fine lines and other blemishes more noticeable. Try going for cream-based products instead. Creams or mousses can be blended for a more natural finish. They also seep into the skin to give you a more youthful glow.

5. Curl your lashes

If you don’t have an eyelash curler in your makeup kit, it’s time to get one now. As we age, our lashes naturally drop, making our eyes look tired and droopy. Good curling will do wonders for your eyes. It will make them noticeably look bigger and brighter, lighting up your entire face as well.

Adding a layer or two of mascara will make a huge difference as well. There are many different types of mascara, so make sure to choose the one that will best address your needs. For instance, if your lashes are short, go for the lengthening type. If they are sparse, there are volumizing and curling mascaras.

6. Go easy on the liner

If you’ve been using black eyeliner all your life, it’s time to swap it for lighter shade such as brown or beige. Black tends to look a little too jarring and can give off a more mature look. Lighter eyeliners make a massive difference in creating an illusion of bigger and more youthful peepers.

7. Try the cat-eye

No, the cat-eye isn’t just for teenagers. As we age, gravity causes our skin to sag and our eyes to droop. Combat this by giving the ends of your eyes a subtle flick. It’s like having a non-invasive and instant eye lift!

8. Take care of those brows

Because our eyebrows define the whole shape of our face, they are just as important as skincare. Thin, sparse brows can make you look older than you are. So go easy on the tweezers and help your eyebrows grow thicker by putting on serums and oils.

In the meantime, create the illusion of full, lush eyebrows by using a light eyebrow pencil to line and fill them out.

Sometimes, the fountain of youth can be found by opening our makeup kit. By following these tips, you can easily update your look and hopefully feel a little younger, too!

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