A Look into our CEO's Anti-aging Tool Box

Guest Blog by Jasmin El Kordi – CEO, Mblue Labs/Bluelene, Yoga Teacher & Outdoor Enthusiast:

There’s no way around it—our bodies change as we get older. We may find ourselves dealing with health issues, our energy levels may decrease, a few wrinkles will appear, and aches and pains may move in as regular house guests. But aging doesn’t mean a slow subtraction from our passions and joys. Instead, I look at life as acts of an interesting play I am writing and living. There have already been childhood, early adulthood, parenting years and now the empty nest. Sneak preview: I plan to add at least two more acts and then encore after encore! Any good plan requires a goal (vision), a map (strategy) and a process (toolbox). Here is my toolbox:

Tool #1: Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful anti-aging tool, capable of preserving our vitality, relieving symptoms and even improving medical outcomes. Older adults are the fastest growing segment of our population and they are increasingly turning to yoga to improve quality of life. The physical benefits of the practice include maintaining flexibility and mobility, lowering blood pressure, easing chronic conditions such as back pain and arthritis, and potentially helping to prevent major health crises like heart disease and strokes. Practicing yoga helps us to maintain stability and balance, a critical factor in preventing falls– one of the top reasons for decline in older adults. But there is an even greater benefit that unfolds with regular yoga practice.  We experience self-acceptance, introspection, and a sense of harmony as we move through the beautiful postures of the practice. 

Tool #2: Relaxation & Sleep

At the end of every yoga session, we move into the most important posture – Savasana or resting pose. Coupled with a life in motion is the need to rest deeply and completely. Only then are we able to recover from the stresses of our daily lives. When under stress our bodies releases cortisol which is damaging on many levels and speeds up aging. Exercise and meditation are natural ways to remedy the effects of tension, and even 10-15 minutes a day spent in motion or mindfulness will go a long way. I didn't realize how important quality is sleep is until I read “Why we sleep” by Matthew Walker. This book seriously shaped up my sleep habits and changed my focus on the need for quality sleep. And because I love, love data, I use the Apple watch to track and pump up my sleep performance.

Tool #3: Nutrition & Energy

As a yoga teacher, I view my body as a vehicle that allows me to navigate life, so I can have the maximum impact on the world around me. Because it is also the only vehicle I have, I am committed to taking care of it. I use yoga and pilates to stay flexible and crossfit for metabolic conditioning and strength. Adding variety to your exercise routine challenges the body in different ways and keeps it fun. I also chart my nutrients using the Fitness Pal app to make sure I get the right amount of lean protein, nutrient-dense carbohydrates and good fats. Nutrition needs are very individual, but I think giving preference to foods that are only 1 or 2 steps removed from their origin (ie fresh fruits, vegetables, meat/fish) is a universal good habit. Proper nutrition makes important building blocks for all the tissues in our body, some of which (like collagen) decline significantly as we age. 

Tool #4: Hobby Passion

Nothing fuels our energy like a hobby we just love. Gardening is one of mine. There is something very satisfying about digging in the dirt, tending to my flowers and cooking with my home-grown herbs. It took me 10 years from the first garden plan to the final version, only to learn that in a garden nothing every stays the same (much as in our lives). The process taught me patience, acceptance and childlike joy when unknown blossoms, butterflies and birds show up. During COVID, I started teaching my Sunday yoga group in my garden and served them homemade cake and coffee after our practice. We have barely missed a Sunday class in 3 years. Hobbies that nourish our body and our spirit keep us young and are highly recommended!

Tool #5: Anti-aging Products

Human aging is determined by genes, environment and lifestyle. The biggest single offender are free radicals (ROS) that are over-produced in our bodies as a response to internal and external stress. External stress like pollution and sun exposure are the cause of 80% of the aging of our largest organ – the skin. Luckily, there are ways in which we can fight these offenders and extend our health. Skincare that focuses on combatting free radicals, creating healthy cells and defending against sun induced damages, will go a long way towards preserving not only a youthful look, but the health of our skin. Like a billboard, our skin shows all of our sins – lack of sleep, lack of good nutrition, lack of water, and like a mirror it also reflects back when we are healthy and in happy balance. To help you create the most beautiful billboard, count on Bluelene, an innovative line of anti-aging products with patented super antioxidant Methylene Blue that reverses skin aging on the mitochondrial level.

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