The New Blue Retinol Serum and Tips for Neck Wrinkles

Neck wrinkles often appear well before the fine lines on our face. It’s as if they were quietly hiding out behind turtlenecks and suddenly decided to jump up for attention.

What causes neck wrinkles? They may show up after weight loss when skin can fold and sag; they can be a result of our neck posture - also known as “Tech Neck” or our sleeping position; and they will eventually appear when the skin loses some of its structural support as collagen and elastin production decrease under environmental and internal stress factors. 

The best approach is prevention, but there are things you can do to repair existing neck wrinkles!! 

Tip #1: Treat your Neck even better than your Face

The skin on our neck is actually thinner than most of the face and more like the delicate skin around the eyes. The neck has less fatty tissue and collagen and no oil glands, so less hydration and structural support. No wonder it shows signs of aging first. 

Treat your neck with all the same love you give your face. Wash with a gentle cleanser, make sure to nourish with a restorative/hydrating serum and apply your day and night creams with upward strokes. Exfoliate along with your face and use products that focus on building collagen and amp up hydration.

Tip #2: Shield Your Neck From The Sun

80% of skin aging is due to environmental factors and sun exposure is the biggest offender.  You might be using a good sunscreen on your face, but what about your neck? Be sure to apply sunscreen in the front, then to the side and all the way to the hairline in the back of the neck to protect your skin. If you are outdoors for a long time, consider adding a scarf or bandana around the neck to keep the sun off  this sensitive area.

TIP #3: GIve your Neck the right  Skin Care Actives 

Neck wrinkles form because of a loss of the connective tissues collagen (structural support) and elastin (hydration).  Look for products that have active ingredients designed to affect your skin on the cellular level to stimulate higher production of these essential tissues. Serums are highly concentrated and full of active ingredients, so they are the perfect companion for your neck care routine.

Retinol will do a good job here, but it can be irritating and will cause more sun sensitivity.. Methylene Blue (aka Blue Retinol) doubles collagen and elastin production in just two weeks and is gentle for all skin types.

Next. look for a serum with hyaluronic acid, a humectant that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water and works by attracting moisture to itself. More hydration means plump skin that has a smooth texture and shows fewer lines.

Finally, choose a product with strong anti-oxidants like Vit C or Methylene Blue to defend against the constant attack of free radicals on your skin cells. Healthy skin cells make lots of  new collagen and elastin, the perfect way to prevent and repair wrinkles.

The Bottom Line: You can prevent, repair and smooth neck wrinkles

Products like Bluelene’s Serum Plus+ Multi-function Skin Booster are formulated with the right combination and strength of active ingredients that target neck wrinkles. 


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