Fun Exercises That Can Get Rid of Laugh Lines

We all know that we will get fine lines as we grow older. Some people even experience wrinkles and lines during their 20s. It isn’t uncommon to develop these at all. That being said, not many people know that you can get lines from laughing too much. This does not, in any way, mean that you should stop laughing. It’s simply a possible explanation for those fine lines. The areas that can be affected are around the outer corners of your mouth and eyes.

When your face is resting, people might not be able to tell that you have laugh lines. These tend to become more visible when you move your facial muscles, smile, or laugh. That being said, laughing is not the definite cause of wrinkles and lines in these areas. There are plenty of other factors that may be playing a hand - excessive sun exposure, aging, or smoking tobacco. Although there is no way to stop laugh lines from appearing, there are still some ways to delay or reduce visibility.

Here are three potentially wrinkle-reducing exercises that you should try:

Pull the corners of your mouth and hold

The first exercise aims to focus on the face muscles that rarely move. Start by bringing your index fingers up to the edge of your mouth. Next, gently pull both corners outward around a quarter inch away. You may apply some resistance while tightening both corners of your mouth inward. This will work mouth muscles that you never knew you had. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds and slowly release it. It is best to repeat the exercise for 10-25 times.

This exercise is excellent for controlling puckering around the corners of your mouth. It also helps those who might have problems closing their lips completely. The main group of mouth muscles that will be targeted is the orbicularis oris muscles. When you work these muscles, the appearance of laugh lines can be delayed and reduced.

Apply pressure to the lines and smile

Perhaps you believe that laugh lines only appear around your mouth. If so, you are mistaken. Cheek muscles play a role alongside your mouth in this. If this group of muscles tightens and strengthens, chances are that your laugh lines will become less visible. You will also see an increase in skin lifting. To do the exercise, hold up your two index fingers and apply pressure to the lines around your mouth. As you do that, try to smile from ear to ear. There is no need to put a lot of pressure on the laugh lines. Just enough to feel the resistance will do. Hold the smile in place for 5-10 seconds before relaxing. Repeat this exercise for 15-30 reps.

Separate your lips and pull the corners back

Although laughing creates wrinkles and creases, smiling actually builds more muscles in your face. You can reduce your lines by smiling. To make it more fun, try slightly separating your lips and pulling the corners of your mouth towards the back of your head. Do this slowly and not aggressively. Try to pull them back as far as possible and hold for 10 seconds. You may release and relax your lips into the resting position. Keep repeating the movement for around 10-25 reps.

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