How to Combat Aging Naturally Using Your Fingertips

The things you expect from a facial massage are relaxation and indulgence. Beyond that, however, did you know that regular facial massages can also fend off the wrinkles of aging? Thanks to its potential to mitigate signs of aging, getting yourself a face massage is no longer just a luxury recreation; rather, it is a beauty treatment need.

Facial massage and exercises tone the muscles below your skin, which helps to keep your skin firm and supple and while reducing wrinkle lines. However, that doesn’t mean that you should splurge on a massage spa every single day. If you’re working on a tight budget, you can learn from a lot of DIY facial massages on YouTube or by reading this article.

How do facial massages work?

A facial massage helps the muscles to release tension, enabling it to smoothen the skin above. The massages also decongest fluid buildup within your skin layers and blood vessels, helping oxygen and nutrients flow freely. A free, uninhibited flow of blood, in turn, means that toxins and waste from the skin are carried away. The result is a youthful radiance emanating from your face.

How to Massage Your Face With Your Fingers

#1. Make a “victory” sign with both of your hands using your middle and index fingers. Then, press these fingers at each end of your jawline close to your lower ears. Slowly move your fingers along your jawline, pressing on the muscles until your fingers meet each other at your chin. Repeat this three more times.

#2. Arrange your fingers in a thumbs-up position and use your thumbs to press your cheek. Clench your teeth as you press your thumbs to push on your cheek upwards. Circle your thumb around your cheek three more times. 

#3. Press your middle fingers at the area above your nose where your eyebrows meet. Then, rub your index fingers across the eyebrows towards the edges of your eyes. Repeat this step another three times.

#4. Press the cheekbone area below your eyes and close to your nose using your thumb. Let your thumb rub and lift the skin on your cheekbones upwards, towards the edges of your eyes.

#5. Place your ring fingers on your eyelids, close to where your eyes meet your nose. Then, rub and pull your eyelids outward towards your eyebrows. Rub three more times.

#6. Stick the index and ring fingers on your hands outwards and curl them as if you were making a virtual double apostrophe. Put your index and ring finger knuckles on your chin and rub them towards your left and right ears, applying pressure on your jawline along the way. Repeat this step three more times.

How to Perform Facial Exercises for Better Skin

#1. Make a victory sign again, but this time, place the edges of your index and middle fingers at the corners of your eyes. Stretch the edges of your eyes towards the direction of your ear using your index finger. Your middle finger will be acting as the fixed pivot close to where your eyes meet your nose.

#2. Open your mouth wide, with your lips concealing your teeth. Then, smile with your teeth together. Open your mouth again and close it. Repeat this step, alternating between closing and opening your mouth several more times.

#3. Lean your head backward and rub your thumbs below your jaw towards your collarbone. Then, lift up your chin, feeling your neck tendons stretching from the collar bone towards your chin.

#4. Put your palms close to where your eyebrows and temples meet. Then, tug the skin in that area towards your forehead. Hold for five seconds and breathe normally. Gently massage the temple area and repeat this step twelve times.

As already mentioned, you don’t have to go to the spa to have your face massaged. Instead, you can perform massages using your fingers and facial exercises to achieve a steady, long-term result. All you need to do is lubricate your hands with oil or moisturizer and massage your face accordingly with the steps above.

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