How To Pick a Wrinkle Cream That Will Actually Work

Have you tried out tons of over the counter creams only to be disappointed in the results? Maybe you’re tired of believing the ads and just want to find something that will actually work. In order to find something more reputable, you need to know what ingredients were used in the creation of the product, and you’ll need to find out yourself through trial and error. Here are some things to look for when buying your next wrinkle cream:

Reasonable Price

An expensive cream isn’t necessarily one that is better. Don’t let the price fool you into thinking that you’re paying for a better product when you’re probably paying for the brand name and the fancy bottle.

Proper Dosage of Ingredients

If you see that your wrinkle cream has low concentrations of active ingredients than your prescriptive creams, you should put it back on the shelf. Just because a cream has multiple ingredients stacked, it doesn’t mean it will be more effective than usual. You need to know your dosage and what active ingredients your skin needs.

Don’t Forget to Test the Waters

Once you find some creams that you think will work for you, you will want to try them out. Pick one to use once or twice daily for a little while. It may take a few weeks until you start to see results. If one doesn’t work for you, you should stop using it. Just note that your skin might go back to how it looked before. You will want to watch out for any products that might irritate your skin, causing rashes, a burning sensation, or any redness. Any irritation like this means that the product doesn’t work for you. Everyone’s skin chemistry is different and you want to make sure that you know your skin type when looking at and shopping for products.

How to Establish an Anti-Wrinkle Routine

You will want to make an effort to specifically target tightening your skin in order to lessen the appearance of wrinkles. If you want to keep your skin looking youthful, you should follow these rules:

1. Protect Yourself From the Sun

Allowing your skin to be exposed to the sun will age you drastically. You will want to make sure that you use sunscreen and products with sun protecting properties in them daily. Sun exposure is the number one reason for bad skin. Not only will it increase the signs of aging, but it can also cause discoloration and blotchiness. You want to have, at the very least, an SPF of 15. It’s also important to remember to look for broad-spectrum products, meaning that they block both UVA and UVB rays.

2. Always Moisturize

Dry skin cells will bring wrinkles and lines a lot more quickly. Every good skincare routine has moisturizer in it somewhere.

3. Avoid Smoking and Drugs

Although there are many reasons that you should not put harsh substances into your body, another good one to remember is that they will age you drastically. If you want to keep the wrinkles off of your face so you can look younger for longer, try to quit smoking! It will cause you to lose elasticity in your face, bringing early sagging and wrinkles. 

4. Visit A Dermatologist

Visiting a professional and getting their advice will surely help you in your anti-aging journey. They can educate you on skincare and what type of skin you have. They will also be able to recommend good products and procedures that might work for you.

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