How To Take Care of Your Skin in Your 50s, 60s, and 70s

Did you know our skin starts aging when we are 25? It is a slow process at first, but it gradually accelerates and becomes really noticeable when we move into our forties. Even if we can't stop the process completely, there is a lot we can do to slow it down. If you want to keep your skin looking decades younger than you actually are, here are some tips for you:

When You're 50:

Choose a cleanser that will remove dirt from your skin without dehydrating your face. Your skin is continually renewing itself, so getting a cleanser that is also a light exfoliant can help remove dead skin from the surface and will also stimulate collagen production.

Smoothen Your Skin
Most skin damage is from the sun. Anti-oxidants will inhibit free radical production and thus protect cells from sun damage, which will help with skin imperfections, wrinkles and age spots. You will want products with lots of vitamin Cs and Es or Methylene Blue to soften and smooth skin. In particular, Methylene Blue has been shown to be a super anti-oxidant that is soluble in both water and oil, thus it easily enters and protect your skin cells.

When You're in Your 60s:

You will still want a good moisturizing cleanser with natural exfoliators. Removing dirt from your face before bed is crucial and can help clear up menopausal acne. Choose a mild formula with a gentle, natural exfoliant.

You want to make sure you are keeping moisture in your skin, so avoid using any products that might lead to moisture loss. As skin gets thinner with age, products like retinoids can become irritating to your skin, so consider using a good moisturizer with them. Some products even require a prescription and can only be obtained from a dermatologist. Methylene Blue increases the thickness of skin layer, by boosting up your skin cells' production of collagen and elastin.
If you are having problems with dark spots, you might look at hydroquinone, which can help lighten these dark patches.

After your 70s:

Cleansing will always be critical. Instead of harsh exfoliating products, potentially with chemicals, go for more creamy products that add moisture. Stay away from physical exfoliators with granular substances and look for glycolic-based products.

If you want smoother, younger, tighter skin in your 70s and beyond, you will need a great moisturizer. Look for a formula that will contain both a humectant to draw in water as well as a sealer to prevent the moisture from evaporating. Some people will use antioxidant serums, which are basically oily liquids rich in vitamins C and E as well as coenzyme Q10. Besides being a super antioxidant and a collagen & elastin booster, methylene blue is shown to prolong your skin cells' lifespan, which will slow down the aging process of your skin.

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