How Your Lifestyle Could Be Hurting Your Skin

Other than the clothes that you wear, the food that you eat, and the car that you drive, one aspect of your overall appearance that shows what type of person you are is your skin. The common belief that is usually held in regard to your skin is that it is a reflection of the lifestyle that you live, and this couldn’t be any truer.

Aside from certain unavoidable genetic skin conditions, the state of your skin heavily relies on the type of lifestyle that you live and the habits that you’ve picked up. Generally, there is a correlation between overall health and the condition and appearance of your skin. It goes along the simple equation of:

Healthy lifestyle = healthier skin.

Although it might sound ridiculous at first, this simplistic equation actually says no more than the truth and secret to healthy and amazing-looking skin. The choices that you make and the life that you lead are two main factors in determining how healthy your lifestyle actually is, and re-evaluating these components can help tremendously in improving your skin condition.

5 ways your lifestyle is hurting your skin

To pick up the right habits and quit the wrong ones, here are five of the most prevalent ways that your lifestyle affects the condition of your skin:

1. You don’t get enough sleep

While you might have probably heard this before from every other person, expert, and online magazine out there, but we can’t stress it enough: you need sleep to have good skin. As cliche as it might sound, the best kind of skincare is a good night’s rest, and science proves it: with 7 to 8 hours of rest, your skin produces the right amount of collagen to keep it smooth and full of life, so it’s definitely a good idea to catch up on a much-needed slumber.

2. You’re stressing out too much

Working hard and worrying about a whole truckload of issues is enough of a load on your back, and then all of a sudden your skin starts to break out — sounds unfair, right? Scientific studies have proven time and time again that stress plays a major part in breakouts and compromised skin health.

Although stress might be a non-negotiable when you’re dealing with the responsibilities of being a teen or an adult, it’s probably best to get unnecessary burdens out of the way. Got a toxic friend who doesn’t do anything but give you problems? Unfriend them! Has your crush been going out with someone else? Swap out your emotions for a rock! Problems are temporary, but amazing skin is forever.

3. You don’t watch out for your fitness

At this point, the article that you’re reading might seem like an attack on anything and everything that you do, but we definitely have the responsibility of telling you the truth, and nothing but the whole truth about your skin. Not working out causes your body to miss out on a much-needed sweat session to take the toxins out and away from your system.

This, in turn, can cause conditions where skin complications can thrive. Aside from not working out, another fitness-related factor that correlates to unhealthy skin is unhealthy food. Consuming oily entrees and eating fat-filled snacks can cause your skin to go through a rough patch, literally and figuratively.

4. You’re under the sun for too long

While the Vitamin D that you get from sunlight is great, too much time under the sun can turn that D into “dead” if you overdo it. Although sunblock may offer a certain level of protection for your skin, a thick layer won’t do much if you end up staying under the sun for too long. Therefore, limit your hours as much as possible if you can.

5. Vices are taking hold of your skin’s health

We’re probably not the first to tell you this, but smoking and drinking are two of the main reasons why your skin is suffering. Aside from taking a toll on your health as a whole, excessive drinking and smoking are two ways to create major breakouts, dry-ups, and blemishes on your skin.

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