Methylene Blue the Virus Warrior – Part II

Last month we shared a little bit about Methylene Blue’s history as a virus warrior. Since then a number of trials have kicked off to officially study Methylene Blue’s role in fighting COVID-19. We love the versatility of our patented star ingredient and thought you might enjoy a front seat to the scientific happenings.

In the 1880s Nobel laureate Paul Ehrlich discovered Methylene Blue as a malaria treatment and classified it as a “Magic Bullet” medicine.

Since then, Methylene Blue has starred as a laboratory dye, a life-saving rescue for aquarium fish, a drug for blood disorder methemoglobinemia, an anti-aging anti-oxidant, and a virus fighter against West Nile and HIV

Here are a couple of recent peer-reviewed scientific studies:

1. Lack of infection of COVID-19 in Cancer Patients treated with Methylene Blue

This article reported the case of a cohort of 2500 French patients treated among others with Methylene Blue for cancer care. During the COVID-19 epidemics none of them developed influenza-like illness. Albeit this lack of infection might be by chance alone, the authors suggest that it is possible that Methylene Blue might have a preventive effect for COVID-19 infection.

This is in line with the antiviral activity of Chloroquine, which is a Methylene blue derivative. Both Chloroquine and Methylene Blue have strong antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties probably linked to the change in intracellular pH and redox state.

2. Methylene Blue Killing COVID-19 viruses in Human Blood

This article shows that Methylene Blue can effectively eliminate SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 viruses) within minutes. The authors suggest that Methylene Blue has a great potential for combating COVID-19.

How does Methylene Blue attack a Virus?

Many scientific studies have shown that this amazing compound has a strong affinity to the virus “envelope” as it binds to the virus and deactivates it. Additionally, when Methylene Blue is combined with day light exposure, its virus elimination is intensified since many viruses don't like ultra-violet light.

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