Picking The Right Anti-Aging Products For You

You are usually the first one to notice aging before anyone else. Some will see signs sooner than others. If you want to find a way to make it look like you turned back time, there are several products you can use to bring back your tight and healthy skin. Here are some tips you ALL need when looking into anti-aging products:

The Basics
There are so many options to choose from when it comes to anti-aging products. There are soaps, creams, serums, oils, lotions and many, many more. You will first need to figure out your skincare routine. Every daily routine should have a facial cleanser, a moisturizer, and a night serum. Depending on your skin type, issues, and budget, you may want to pick only specific ones, but make sure you buy everything you need for your new skincare routine. A higher price does not mean a better product. Try to focus on looking for what you need rather than what is said to be a good brand name or which one costs more. Make sure to ask for help from a beautician if you have any questions.

Your Skin Type
Your anti-aging skincare products must work for your specific skin type. Some products can be suitable for all skin types, but knowing your skin type can help you find the right products to use. You may see labels on products for oily, dry, or sensitive skin. You will need to find out which type you are in order to get the correct products.

Skin Issues
If you have any issues that are related to aging such as wrinkles, dull skin, or spots, you must find the right product to help you with these issues. Be sure to read the labels or ask a beautician to help you out.

Anti-aging Ingredients
There are some great ingredients to look for in labels that have been proven effective. These include antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, and E, anti-inflammatory agents, as well as emollients and moisturizing agents like botanical oils. There are also many natural ingredients like plant-based products and essential oils that can stop the skin from aging. Do not purchase any products that include water in its list of ingredients, as it will actually have the opposite effect of hydration.

Product Functions
Besides anti-aging, you can add products into your skincare routine to do other things. Here are some functions you might want to look for in your anti-aging products:

A little exfoliation is good for scrubbing dead cells off. Exfoliating will get rid of a layer of dead skin on your face as well as blackheads and oils. Your skin will look smooth and bright!

Sunscreen should be a daily thing from the get-go. It will protect your skin from sun exposure, preventing any further sun damage, which is a massive contributor to aging skin.

Dryness is the enemy when your skin is already aging. Your serums should be moisturizing and should hydrate your skin for softer, more elastic skin to reduce wrinkles.

What is Bluelene?
Bluelene is the first commercially available methylene blue anti-aging cream. It has the potential to reverse the signs of aging in the skin thanks to the product's unique formula. Our research team at the University of Maryland, led by Dr. Kan Cao, has measured the effectiveness of methylene blue for increased skin hydration, expanded thickness, and skin texture compared to common products like MitoQ.

We are excited to announce that Bluelene is a more effective way to delay aging of skin cells, and has a great potential for skincare benefits for both men and women.

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