Revitalize Your Skin in the New Year: Resolutions for Healthy, Glowing Skin

It’s a New Year - did you put pampering your skin on your list of resolutions? Here are some simple tips for taking good care of your skin:

1. Clean your face and neck every night

It’s tempting to skip washing your face after a long day or a late night out, but this habit could clog your pores and lead to skin breakouts. Using only a makeup remover wipe to get rid of grime and makeup residue before going to bed also isn’t enough. Most make-up removers contain oil, water and preservatives. Instead, give your clean skin a chance to absorb a nourishing night cream and take advantage of your body’s restorative overnight circadian rhythm.

2. Wash your makeup brushes regularly

We clean everything else in our home regularly, but it is easy to miss our makeup brushes. Dirty make-up brushes can be full of dead skin cells, oils, grime and bacteria. Wash them once a week to prevent breakouts, irritation, and skin infections. If you are sharing your beauty tools, wash them after every use.

3. Clean your face post exercise

Don’t you love the glistening glow you get after a work-out? Exercise gets blood circulating throughout the body, allowing nutrients and oxygen to nourish your skin cells, But a good workout may leave sweat and bacteria on your skin, which can clog pores, cause irritation and dehydration. Make sure to cleanse your face within 15 minutes post exercise and give it some love with a moisturizer.

4. Change your pillowcases frequently

Did you know that your face sheds skin cells and releases sweat and sebum while you’re sleeping? That means oil, dirt, and make-up residue may live on your pillowcase. Change and wash your pillowcases at least once a week to keep your skin healthy.

Silk pillowcases are gentler on the skin and they may help to reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines while you sleep. Cotton pillowcases are breathable and work well for oily and acne-prone skin.

5. Wear sunscreen & watch for sun damage

Exposure to UVA and UVB rays can damage your skin. The sun is the culprit of premature skin aging, fine lines, dark spots, and even skin cancer. It is important to use sunscreen every day, if you are spending time outdoors, even if it’s cloudy or in winter months.

Make sure to watch for any signs of sun damage and consult your dermatologist for any skin changes. Getting an annual preventive skin cancer screening is one more way to protect your health.

6. Use anti-aging products

Skin cells start to decrease the production of collagen and elastin at age 25, which eventually leads to the weakening of the support structure and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. .

We recommend adding products with anti-aging properties, such as methylene blue, into your skincare routine to maintain nourished, younger-looking skin all over your body.


By incorporating these New Year's resolutions into your lifestyle, you're setting the foundation for healthier, more radiant skin. Remember, the key is consistency and a holistic approach to skincare. Here's to a year filled with self-care and the glow that comes from taking care of your skin from the inside out. Support your skincare goals by shopping for anti-aging products with methylene blue. Cheers to a beautiful and healthy new you!