Secrets to Keeping Your Skin Fresh During Long Holiday Flights

Protecting your skin during flights is important. Few people like long haul flights during the holidays—it can be draining, not just on your emotional being but also on your skin. Lack of sleep can give baggy eyes, recycled cabin air dries out your skin, and the stress of traveling for long periods can cause breakouts.

So, you wonder, how do celebrities manage to get off from a long flight still looking glowy and fresh, while regular people like us looked like we’ve been dragged backward from a bush?

To lessen the damaging effects of flying to your skin, take note of these tips:

1. Skip the makeup

Before hopping on a plane, remove makeup or any excess makeup on your face. Exposure to unsanitary cabin air and much dehydration can block your pores and cause breakouts, whiteheads, and blackheads. Yes, we all want to look good when we travel, but remember that makeup also clogs our pores.

So before boarding or when inside the plane, cleanse your face properly. You can use an oil cleanser to remove your makeup, at the same time to nourish and deep cleanse your skin. Micellar Water on a cotton pad is also ideal for thoroughly removing dirt and all traces of makeup on your skin.

2. Mist for added moisture

Hydrate your skin as much as you can throughout the flight. Get a nice cooling face mist to help restore your skin’s moisture, maintain hydration, and give you that refreshing feeling. Also, you can mist your skin to prepare your face for masks and serums.

3. The power of serums

Protect your skin from an awful free radical damage by applying an antioxidant serum. This is especially important since recycled cabin air contains reduced amounts of oxygen, causing your skin to dehydrate, deplete, and devitalize.

4. Nourish with oil

Like your body, your skin also needs food to bring back its glow and plumpness. And the best nourishing food you can give to your skin is face oil. To keep your skin supple and moist during the flight, apply oils all over your face, neck, eyes, décolletage, cuticles, and lips.

5. Luscious moisturizing creams

Pack some of your favorite and thickest moisturizers in your carry-on. By moisturizing your skin, you are giving hydration and protection to your skin from the dirty cabin air. If you can, never hesitate to apply the cream more than once.

6. The sheets

You may have seen celebrities snap selfies with sheet masks on their face when they travel. It’s all for a good reason.

Considered as Hollywood’s skin secret, sheet masks are perfect companions on the plane because of their hassle-free and thin packaging. Apply them on your face for as long you want during the flight, and your skin will be thankful for that. There are sleeping masks that rub in like a moisturizer and don’t need rinsing, so you can use this kind if you want to be discreet about having a sheet mask on the plane.

7. Get some sleep

We all know the power of good sleep, and it is essentially helpful if you want to maintain good-looking skin. You can use sleeping masks with felt or silk lining, earplugs, and, if you can, a personal humidifying breathing mask. They are great for trapping and recycling your own moisture in your breath. Plus, they prevent airborne viruses and dehydration. Don’t mind that you will end up looking like Darth Vader—at least you feel refreshed once the flight is over.

Given all these tips, you are guaranteed to arrive from your flight, looking like a celebrity. Who would have thought you endured a 12-hour excruciating plane ride?

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