Sunscreen For Men - Tips and Myths about UV Protection

We all love the sunny outdoors. It just feels healthy to get some Vitamin D3 and a nice glow, but be careful! UV exposure can cause serious health concerns and is responsible for 80% of the aging of our skin.

It’s a fact that men use less sun protection than women; statistics show only 14-18.5% regularly use sunscreen before going outside. Skincare in general has less adoption among the guys, so this blog is a gentle reminder that sun protection is not just about keeping her “delicate” skin young, but it’s about claiming your skin’s health!

Tips  to use Sunscreen Properly

  • Timing: Apply sunscreen before you leave indoors. Don’t wait until you get to the golf course, the pool, the mountains, etc. It takes about 20 minutes for your skin to absorb the protective ingredients to be fully effective!
  • Amount: Use about a nickel size amount of cream for your face/neck and look for a sunscreen that absorbs quickly without a shine like Bluevado SunFix
  • Reapplication: According to AAD, only 33% of Americans reapply their sunscreen throughout the day. The golden rule is to reapply every two hours, more often if you sweat or go swimming.
  • Missing Spots: Research suggests that 20% of sunscreen users don't include their eyelids and lips. Our lips do not have melanin and our eyelids have thin skin, so both are prone to sun damage. Lip balm with SPF 15+  is a nice alternative.
  • Weather: Even if the sun is behind the clouds, 80 percent of  those damaging UV rays hit your skin. Cloudy days are sunscreen days! The UV index rises in March/April and peaks in mid-summer. Start wearing your sun protection in late March.

Common Myths for not using Sunscreen

  • Men naturally have thicker skin than women, which gives them a little added protection. Men’s skin is 20-25% thicker, but they are just as prone to sun damage! 
  • My skin never burns, so I don’t need sunscreen. A nice tan without a burn is still a sign of trauma to your skin. There is no safe tan! And your skin sustained UVA exposure, which results in photo-aging damage.
  • A few lines on my face are masculine. The sun is responsible for 80% of the aging of our skin. Lines, dark spots and rough texture are all signs of collagen & elastin breakdown and damage to the health of our skin cells. Healthy skin is the new masculine :)
  • I never remember to use sunscreen. Unlike women, men report not having a regular skincare routine. We suggest you find a Day Cream/Sunscreen combo that gives you a one-step application of soothing hydration and UV protection after washing your face or shaving. No new routine needed!


Sunscreen not only protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, but also prevents skin aging. Bluelene’s Bluevado SunFix with Methylene Blue is a unique new sun protection product that also addresses photo-aging rescue, deep hydration and wrinkle repair. And best of all, Bluevado SunFix is coral reef safe and cosmetically extremely elegant - quick absorption, no greasiness or white shine!