Tips To Protect and Defend Your Skin During COVID-19

Treat yourself and your skin well during this stressful time.

Stress is one of our worst health enemies and the skin, our largest organ, quickly feels the strain. Working virtually and cutting back on social engagements may feel like a strange time, but it can also be a good time for you to  focus on building up the health of your skin.

A Little Skin Science

Your skin cells turn over every 28 days and if they are healthy, they make more healthy cells that produce lots of collagen and elastin, the building blocks of youthful-looking skin. Stress causes our body to overproduce free radicals (ROS) and those ROS can damage your cells. They may die before their normal 28 day cycle or reproduce in smaller numbers and in a less healthy state. You guessed it – less collagen, less elastin will lead to wrinkles, dry/dull/sagging skin. Now it is a perfect moment to rebuild your skin at home. Bluelene is here to help.

Cleanse Your Face Regularly

Your face is constantly exposed to outside elements like dirt, oil, or pollution particles that can clog pores, lead to breakouts and promote dull skin. You can easily reduce the tired look by washing your face and neck every morning and night using gentle facial cleansers. Be sure to wash your face lightly in a circular motion, starting from the inside of the face to ensure full coverage. If your skin is dry, thin or over 60 yrs., consider washing only at night, particularly now the home quarantine time, to preserve the micro-biome that was nourished during the sleep cycle.

Always Moisturize

Lack of hydration is the #1 culprit of dry skin and visible fine lines. Apply a topical moisturizer every morning and nourishing night cream in the evening. Replenishing your skin’s hydration is the key to boosting your radiance, so be sure never to skimp on a trusty moisturizer in your skincare routine. Remember to follow the same rules to wash hands first for 20 seconds with soap and hot water, before you apply any lotions to your face. Rest assured we use an effective preservative in all of our creams that kill bacteria. As a bonus, studies have shown that Methylene Blue is quite the warrior against bacteria and even viruses. 

Our Gift of Hand Sanitizers

Maybe we can reduce your stress a tiny bit with an item that has been hard to find since the COVID-19 breakout – Hand Sanitizer! Dr. Cao has been busy creating a new Bluelene moisturizing hand sanitizer to help with the current shortage. This new formulation is focused on protecting your hands from bacteria/viruses, while hydrating and soothing your over-washed skin. Our hand sanitizer, with 70% ethanol, is formulated with the anti-oxidant Vitamin C, our own patented star ingredient Methylene Blue and Aloe Vera, all targeted at creating skin health and protection.

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We hope our tips above, along with a balanced diet, regular sleep, lots of water and exercise will help you to unlock healthy skin without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for skincare products that will give you a glowing, youthful look Bluelene is your best option.

Stay safe and healthy during these challenging times and reach out to us with any questions you have about skincare and skin science. We are here to help!