Why Do The First Wrinkles Often Appear In The Summer?

After months of indoor time during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are longing for the nourishing rays of sunshine, the beach, the water and backyard BBQs. As we are beginning to venture out, we need to be mindful not only of virus transmission, but also of the potential negative effects of too much sun exposure, added stress, and the wrong foods. 

Why does skin age faster in the summer?

The high temperatures of summer have a lethal effect on our skin. Studies have shown that after 10 minutes of direct sun exposure, skin will prematurely age for ten days. About 68% of people develop their first wrinkles in the summer, making it the golden season for anti-aging. Taking care of your skin during this period can lay the foundation for a year of good skin care ahead.

Why does this damage happen? First, summertime is the period when the sun’s UV (ultra violet) radiation is the strongest. UV rays easily break the skin’s collagen fibers and cause problems such as pigmentation and roughness.

Second, high summer temperatures will accelerate the skin’s metabolism. This causes the skin to loose moisture quickly, and it is likely unable to make ends meet with its nutrition, resulting in insufficient cell repair and recovery. Wrinkles will naturally follow.

Third, when the sunlight is strong, photo-aging-induced skin sagging is more prominent. Without sufficient support to the skin's internal structure, the entire face contour will be pulled down. This is why 87% of people think that photos of the face taken in the summer look bigger.

Tips to help your skin survive summer

Dr. Cao recommends limiting your sun exposure and nourishing your body with these five summer food/drink favorites that will protect your skin from sun damage and help it repair.

Sweet potato

The best way for the body to fight free radicals set loose by sun exposure, is to eat foods rich in antioxidants. Sweet potatoes contain sufficient beta carotene, which is an essential antioxidant. 

Green tea

Green tea is a powerful skincare food. It contains a high catechin concentration, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and antioxidant properties and can fight free radicals generated in the body in response to sunlight radiation. Green tea also contains polyphenols, which can inhibit free radicals' activity. Drinking green tea may even contribute to preventing skin damage that may lead to cancer. Freshly brewed tea has the best skincare effects.


Lycopene is another important antioxidant and tomatoes are one of the best sources. The redder the color of the tomato, the higher the lycopene concentration. In addition, after the tomato is cooked, the lycopene is more easily absorbed by the human body. Watermelon is also a good source of lycopene.


Few people know about the nutritional effects asparagus, but it is an excellent source of Vitamin E. When it is necessary to neutralize free radicals, green asparagus stems are the most effective.


Excessive sun exposure can cause dehydration of the body, making the skin more sensitive and more susceptible to sun damage. Most of the human body is composed of water, so it is necessary to maintain sufficient water to keep our skin healthy. Lack of water over time can cause wrinkles.

When it comes to neutralizing free radicals, Bluelene with super antioxidant Methylene Blue is your best skincare choice.  Enjoy the summer, eat right and pamper your skin!!!