Why is Eye Cream so Important in the Summer?

It is summer and we are all focused on preventing sun damage to our skin. But did you know that the skin around our eyes is now especially vulnerable? You might be wondering if you really need a special eye treatment when you are already using a nice day and/or night cream and sunblock. After all, skin is skin - right???

Why is the Eye Area special?

The skin around our eyes is ten times thinner than on the rest of our face and much more delicate. It does not have the same levels of collagen and elastin, the tissues responsible for structural structural support, elasticity and hydration, and it does not contain subcutaneous fat or oil glands. 

To make matters worse, our facial expressions rely so much on our eyes and we are constantly moving that fragile skin around. In the summer under the bright sun, we also unintentionally blink, squeeze, and squint our eyes more often. No wonder the eye area shows creases, fine lines and wrinkles well before the rest of our face and neck.

What Does an Eye Cream do?

Unlike most age defending day and night creams, a good eye cream is  formulated to boost moisture while protecting the fragile skin surrounding our eyes. It should not cause any irritation, so be careful with face cream ingredients like retinol and paraben, which can cause burning and stinging.

Like other anti-aging skincare products, a great eye cream should contain antioxidants that fight free radicals (ROS). This is especially important in the summer when UV exposure from intense sunshine does the most harm to thin skin, causing increased ROS and cell damages.

A good eye cream should include humectants like hyaluronic acid that attract and keep moisture in the skin. Hydrated skin is plump and will lessen any dark circles under the eye. Finally, your eye cream should also act as a base for your eye make-up, keeping it in place all day and preventing creases if you use under eye concealer. 

How and what to apply:

Treat the delicate eye area like a fragile piece of art. Never rub, pull or stretch the skin - instead  gently pat your cream in with your fingers. Use a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid, followed by your eye cream. If you plan to go outside and have sun exposure, use a non-irritating sunscreen that is formulated for facial use.  Be sure to use only sunscreens with minerals instead of chemical filters like Oxybenzone and Avobenzone, as they can cause irritation and stinging. 


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