Why Methylene Blue is the New Mitochondrial Healer

Many skincare products promise similar things: smooth, blemish-free skin, wrinkle reduction, and pigmentation repair. Many of them do nice work on the surface of the skin - moisturizing, tightening, and adding a glow. Some include antioxidants like Vitamin C to help fight reactive oxygen species (ROS/free radicals), but none go deep inside the skin cell to address the cause of skin aging. Now there is a new ingredient on the market that not only penetrates the cell but also works on the most critical part - the mitochondria.

Meet Methylene Blue - the new Mitochondrial Healer!

What are Mitochondria? 

A mitochondrion is a specialized organelle inside the human cell that is in charge of producing more than 90% of the energy the cell needs for its daily activity, reproduction, and survival. You can think of them as the energy centers of the cell.  Mitochondria have their own circular DNA. Mutations in the mitochondrial DNA and malfunction of mitochondria have been associated with age-related human diseases, such as Progeria, and Alzheimer's. Most aging-related diseases, particularly, neurodegenerative diseases, have mitochondrial involvement. Each cell can have many, many (thousands of) mitochondria. 

Each mitochondrion has a double-membrane composed of lipid (fat) layers. Between the two membranes, there is an inter-membrane space that is aqueous (watery). This is an important space for energy production. As you can imagine, it is not simple to deliver skincare ingredients into mitochondria unless the ingredient molecule is both fat and water-soluble, which is very rare.

How does Methylene Blue Promote Mitochondrial Health?

Methylene Blue (MB) has been used for years as an excellent mitochondrial drug to treat blood disorders and serious infections like malaria, SARS and COVID. It has been in clinical trials as a treatment for Alzheimer's. Now its unique characteristics make it a novel, highly effective skincare ingredient. Here is a look at how it works: 

  • MB has a solubility in both fat and water, which allows it to easily enter and exit the skin cell and its mitochondria, allowing it to truly work on the cellular level.
  • During the energy production process, free electrons are usually left inside the mitochondria, which react with oxygen to produce superoxide, the origin of ROS and one major cause of skin aging. MB can capture the free electrons and act as an election donor when needed, keeping the perfect balance for cellular health.
  • ROS are produced as part of our normal cellular processes. We have self-made antioxidants in our mitochondria, but these natural antioxidants are not usually sufficient to defend against all the free radicals, especially when there is a high number induced by stress from pollution, smoking, sun, etc. Free radicals can damage the DNA and our mitochondrial health. When that happens, less viable and fewer new skin cells are produced, leading to a reduction in collagen and elastin production (the vital building blocks of beautiful, plump skin). MB has been shown to effectively reduce mitochondrial ROS and neutralize overall cellular free radicals in skin cells, ensuring skin cell longevity and increased proliferation.

Good News!

Bluelene is a line of skincare products developed by MBlue Labs in Maryland, USA. Founded by Dr. Kan Cao, Bluelene is the world’s first methylene blue-based skincare that is formulated with this latest mitochondrial technology. Interested in the latest anti-aging science available? Visit our website and get yours today!