Your Skin on Zoom - How Video Conferencing Impacts Skin

It has been happening to all of us – we look at our face in a video meeting and cringe. Has something happened to that fresh, glowing look we remember from Valentine’s Day?  Since then, most of us have been spending hours and hours in video meetings, our children have been learning remotely, and we have virtually (ha!) lived our social lives on camera.

We have been facing our screens for longer and longer periods each day and the adverse impact on our skin can no longer be ignored. Radiation causes the skin to become dry, lose its elasticity, and generate fine lines. Device manufacturers are quick to point out that mobile phones and computer screens use LEDs, so there is no ultraviolet radiation. However, the blue light emitted by the equipment will still accelerate skin oxidation and promote skin aging.

While we cannot avoid mobile phones and computers, we can boost up our skin’s defense system by selecting the right skincare products. Here are some tips to consider:


The skin is the largest organ of the body and needs moisture to defend against the elements. Moisture renders the protection needed to reduce the radiation intensity. Thus, drinking plenty of water and applying a hydrating skin cream are critical to ensuring your skin retains its elasticity and thick dermis levels.

Special Attention to the Eyes

During a virtual conference our eyes are fixed instead of moving around the way they are accustomed to in face-to-face meetings. We blink less and squint more. This can lead to dark circles under the eyes and the emergence or deepening of crow's feet around the eyes.

Getting enough quality sleep at night will let your eyes rest and recover. Green plants placed in front of the computer help to avoid excessive tension in the eye muscles. And it is essential to apply a nourishing but non-greasy eye cream at least twice a day to nourish the fragile skin around the eyes.


Antioxidants are the super heroes that defend our skin against damage from free radicals. Free radicals are over produced by our own bodies during periods of stress. As if a pandemic was not enough to stress everyone’s system, the radiation from our computer screens introduces an extra element of environmental stress to the skin. Everyone with screen time will benefit from skincare products that are enriched with antioxidants.

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