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Scientist & Anti-Aging Authority Launches Bluelene, Skincare Infused With Breakthrough Ingredient Methylene Blue

This year, to celebrate the amazing founders within the health and wellness industry, we want to shine the light on a few in particular. Today we have the pleasure of intereviewing Dr. Kan Cao  – Scientist, Anti-Aging Authority & Founder of Bluelene

Dr. Kan Cao is a renowned scientist, anti-ageing authority and professor of cell biology and molecular genetics at the University of Maryland. Dr. Cao has been studying human ageing and in particular, the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying Hutchinson Gilford Progeria syndrome, a premature ageing disease that claims most victims by age 13.

Since completing her PhD at Johns Hopkins in 2005 to her current tenure as a professor at the University of Maryland, she has become one of the world’s leading scientists in anti-ageing research and she recently published one of the biggest discoveries that the field has ever seen. This lead to the skincare brand Bluelene launched in 2019 – the first beauty brand to incorporate groundbreaking ingredient, Methylene Blue into skincare.

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