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These Five Popular Supplements Might Be Causing Your Breakouts—Here's What to Do About It

It's sad, but true: There is no instantaneous skin-clearing supplement out there. In fact, those daily pills might actually be working against you and enhancing your skin issues. "Some supplements may contain hidden excipient ingredients which are actually gut irritants. They can impact the health of your gut, causing low-grade inflammation, which in turn manifests as breakouts on the skin," explains Carla Oates, CEO and founder of The Beauty Chef. Ahead, five supplements that could be the culprits behind your inexplicable acne.


Although collagen supplements have been touted as a must-have for glowing skin, it's important to know that "some contain sulfites and cause the skin to be congested," says Dr. Kan Cao, the scientist behind and founder of Bluelene.

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